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Best Pick Up Lines For Guys

Stroll into any club and you’re likely to find a slew of bon-a-fide bombshells and long-legged ladies eager to find Mr. Right or Mr. One Night. If you’re a guy, you’ll hope that you’re one of both – and you’ll also see the competition, droves of tadpoles squirming to be titans. Consider your pick-up routine a war of wits, because that’s what it is – a war to distinguish yourself in an otherwise faceless crowd. And would you rather go to war with guns and ammunition or bows and arrows (with apologies in advance to Genghis Khan)?

Consider this top 15 countdown of proven pick-up lines your tactical advantage in the war of the wits for women:

  • I’m sorry, I must be lost. You look like you might know the way back to heaven.
  • Someone call the museum – I think I just found a piece of art! Follow-up: So are you the work of Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo? It has to be someone famous.
  • Angelina? No? Sorry, I thought you were Angelina Jolie. (Of course, you can always substitute Angelina for other celebrities! Golden rule: Just make sure they’re considered as pretty or prettier.)
  • So that’s why God rested on the seventh day! He made you! Follow-up: For the record, you’re a lot hotter than Eve. What the hell was Adam thinking?
  • I’m sorry, you must be terribly exhausted. You’ve been running through my mind all night. Follow-up: Let me buy you a drink so you can cool off.
  • So what’s it like, being a supermodel?
  • Sorry, but I have to know: What was it like winning the Miss America pageant? You must have had your competition beat.
  • Can you direct me to the Greek pantheon? Sorry, I would ask someone else, but you look like a goddess.
  • Life must be so hard, being that gorgeous.
  • Someone call 911! This girl is making my heart race!
  • Whoa, someone call 911! I think you just lit my pants on fire! Follow-up: Could I call your number instead?
  • Pinch me; you’re too good for this not to be a dream. Follow-up: No, wait, DON’T! This is a damn good dream.
  • Consider me a frog, because you look like you’re tired of all these tadpoles. Follow-up: Why don’t you kiss me and see if I turn into a prince?
  • If you’re Nala, I’m Simba. Why don’t we complete the circle of life?
  • And the top pick-up line on our countdown: You must be the sun, because you give light to everything around you.

When To Use Pick Up Lines

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We asked a female to write about the best pick up lines for guys and the following is what we got (we do not recommend you follow this girls advice and you would understand why if you watch the presentation from the link above):

There is one thing that unites us people as a whole: the need to have somebody that will love us! We also need to have somebody that we can love! This is a thing that every person needs to have. It is not that people want just to be happy, in some cases people need to be around other people because otherwise they can die! This is a real problem. There was a study made on a few babies. The ones that didn’t get love and attention in any form died in just a few months! The others who were given attention and love managed to grow to be healthy toddlers! So, the bottom line is that we do need a bit of affection from someone else. We all need this! Most people who are looking for somebody to date will usually go to pubs or other places where people gather up together. Some people who are really desperate for getting a date will try and think of all sorts of pick up lines. Both men and women use pick up lines if they want to impress a date. In some cases they don’t work but there are some pick up lines that are the best when it comes to impressing someone! There are many really cool pick up lines that you will probably hear someone throw at you!

To sum up a really great pick up line you will have to add a few things to it. One of the first things that make a pick up line the best is comedy. If a pick up line is funny then you will be able to get a positive response from the person you addressed it to. You must know, however, that a pick up line should be funny but not hilarious. You should never use pick up lines that are like jokes. The person you might have used it one will only laugh and he or she won’t really be interested in your offer. You might end up becoming the funnyman of the group without actually getting a date. Pick up lines should also be smart if you want them to be great. A pick up line should be funny but also have a bit of sense to it. You will definitely impress with a pick up line that will get a giggle out of a person but it will also tell that person that you know what you are doing and that you are a serious man! Even though these types of pick up lines are among the best, you should know that the short ones and the subtle ones can really leave a woman interested in you. You don’t have to insist on talking with that person; just make yourself known by using a simple pick up line. You will probably not even have to make the next move. You will just have to act normal and the person that you have used this line on will surely come to you! Such pick up lines are probably the best there are! These pick up lines are so good because they will give you the opportunity to briefly introduce yourself but still leave a shroud of mystery around you. Mysterious men are always something that women are looking for. The thrill of finding out more about a man and discovering what he likes and what he doesn’t like can really make a woman interested in you. So, the next time you want to use a pick up line, try to use a subtle one. You will definitely be able to sweep a woman off her feet! Another type of pick up line that will be able to impress a woman is the one that will show her that you don’t intend to only take her out for one night. You should not try to hit on a woman in the classic way like in the 30ís movies. You should know that you are talking to a modern woman that has other principles. You have to pay attention to how she talks and try to figure out what kind of a woman is she. After you have done this then you will be able to use the best pick up line depending on her personality! She will notice that you know what she wants and she will grant you her attention!

When it comes to the best pick up line you should know that there are many best pick up lines. Each one can be used to a different type of woman. If the woman you want to take out is not so sensitive to the old fashioned pick up lines then you should definitely use them. If you see that the woman you are trying to hit on is more sophisticated then you should use an adequate pick up line.