Bullet Proof Identity

When you're interested in getting a woman that is QUALITY, that is beyond all the silly games and pick up lines, a woman that can't be found at the drunken clubs, there is one thing that counts more than anything else:

An identity that is so strong, so stable, that it can't be shaken by any external pressure or force.

This has nothing to do with being a stubborn or close-minded jerk, what it means is that you are so comfortable with your identity that you don't feel under "attack" no matter what other people including a woman might say or think.

A woman is attracted to a man like this because it means he has the emotional stability to stay calm and see things straight when everyone else is going crazy, getting stressed, or panicking, or even feeling insulted when nothing really happened.

A woman who is of the highest caliber is a woman who also has the social intelligence as well, and she knows that a good relationship that is fun and healthy and strong requires this type of foundation of a super strong sense of identity.  And she ESPECIALLY is expecting that YOU as THE MAN should have this trait.

After all, it's the classic definition of being a MAN to be emotionally stable and to be able to weather the emotional storms that life throws our way no matter who you are.

Now, I can give you endless examples of how this bullet-proof identity behavior LOOKS: It means you don't see NEGATIVITY where it doesn't exist.

So, for example, if a woman makes a joke to you, you see it as a joke, and not as an insult.

It's not always EASY though to do this, when you're dealing with a woman who seems so beautiful that you DOUBT your value, that you start to feel that possibly you don't "have what it takes".  So then you start thinking that maybe she meant something  less than positive.

i.e. If a woman says that she likes your hat and that it's a "poor boy" hat, and this woman is extremely beautiful, and you happen to think she would never go out with you for real, you might take the comment to mean that she meant an INSULT.  That she was trying to say it looks cheap.

But, if you have a bulletproof identity, you are more likely to realize THE TRUTH, that the name of the actual HAT is called "poor boy" style and that it's actually a compliment and she means it's COOL.  

The crazy thing is that a woman can tell so much about your sense of identity from NUANCES in your behavior, and there is no way on earth that a guy can hide
behind a pick-up line to convince a woman he is the kind of man she has dreamt about unless he actually DEVELOPS this strength in himself for real.

The pick-up line is irrelevant, if the man has developed the internal strength, then it will show even THROUGH a pick up line and she will be attracted.  And of course it will show when he goes directly up to her WITHOUT the pick-up line, IF he has developed the bullet-proof identity.    

And there is a WAY to develop this strength, it is PROVEN, and it works:

The key is to start SLOWLY, you must start SOMEWHERE.  For example, if you think that you can't possibly go up to a woman and have a conversation without a pick-up line, then what you must do is go up to her and promise yourself that you WILL chat even if you think and are sure that you DO sound terrible.

The very ACT of going AGAINST your weakness and NOT giving in to it makes you STRONGER.  So, after forcing yourself to STAY in the interaction even if it felt HORRIBLE and even if it went TERRIBLY, if you do it SEVERAL TIMES then your concerns and fears WILL start to go AWAY.

And THAT will free up your emotions to now operate on a much HIGHER level, so that you are far more RESOURCEFUL and you are able to actually allow your NATURAL vibes to shine through.

This happens because after doing it several times, your emotions GET STRONGER in the COOLEST way.  I say the COOLEST way because it's not that you become MEAN or anything, but rather you become CALMER and actually in a more upbeat state as well--because you realize that YOU are in control of your every emotion and that the woman is no longer a source of worry or concern.

So that frees you to actually feel GOOD and your emotional and mental processors can operate at maximum efficiency, allowing you to be cool, funny, charming, NATURALLY.

And you get better and better. It doesn't matter what your challenge is- THAT specific challenge is the one you need to make sure you face the most!

If you are offended too easily by jokes, then IMMERSE yourself in a situation where you are going to get a LOT of that, knowing that it will make you stronger.  Take deep breaths when feeling the pressure, realize that the stress is coming from your own OLD AND WRONG perceptions of the situation.

If you avoid talking to groups of women, then make sure to ESPECIALLY do this, talk to huge groups of women.

The thing is, that most guys will NEVER do this. Because the INITIAL work seems so HARD. The road seems so LONG to becoming a "master".

But if you just knew how PROGRESS is massively MOTIVATING, and that in reality in just a few WEEKS of regular practice, you can improve MASSIVELY and actually get GOOD.

In the beginning, it's the toughest, because your mind and emotions are NOT USED to it.

You are not used to approaching the women of your choice.

You are not USED to BELIEVING in your own value being of SKYROCKETING proportions.

You are not used to being in middle of an interaction with women so beautiful that you feel your knees melting.

You have to get your emotions in CONDITION, the same way you get your MUSCLES in condition by going to the GYM to lift weight.

When you first start lifting weights, even the LIGHT weight feels extremely HEAVY.

Then you look around at the other people in the gym lifting heavy, and you think and feel like you are SO FAR AWAY from their progress.  It seems impossible.

But if you just hang in there, and stick around for the TOUGH part in the beginning, and you EXPOSE yourself to the PRESSURE, and you RESIST the gravity, you resist the pressure to DROP the weights, well then you start to see PROGRESS, little by little.

You look back at the weights you once struggled with, and you can't believe it used to be tough.

Until you take a LAY-OFF and you miss the gym for a while.  Then, when you return, you notice that you have LOST some strength, and you have to FIGHT AGAINST THE WEAKNESS, you have to RESIST the force of GRAVITY bearing down on you with the weights.

And you slowly get your strength back from this RESISTANCE.

Similarly, with your emotions, you have to first KNOW that the only way to get stronger internally is to not run away from the weakness, but instead to CONFRONT it, again and again, till you get STRONGER and you start to FEEL and realize that those thing you feared are actually nothing.

If it's a woman in a lingerie store, and it seems crazy to you to try to go in there to pick her up, then you can start with something smaller, like chatting up the cashier at the grocery store- but you must start SOMEWHERE and you must INCREASE THE "RESISTANCE" PROGRESSIVELY.

You must take the emotional "stakes" up a notch, regularly, whether it's every week or every day, you have to gradually INCREASE the "intensity" on your fears, or you will not grow.  And just know in the back of your mind that it DOES work, so that you STICK through the hard times.

Just like in working out, sometimes you have a tough sticking point i.e. you can't lift any heavier, but if you keep training properly, you eventually PASS that point and you can lift even MORE and the old weight now feels EASY.

Sometimes I think the whole point of the body is just to show us how our MIND actually works, because the truth is that the MIND is even MORE limitless, yet the "training process" works in similar ways.

For example, the truth is that most people do "self-affirmations" in the WRONG way.

They say them half-heartedly, and they don't STICK with them and BUILD their intensity.

But here is the PROPER way to use a self-affirmation. Let's say you want to get to the point that you truly BELIEVE you are worth a woman who is super beautiful and intelligent, and a great person.

Well, the FIRST time you say this to yourself, you might not really feel it internally.

In fact, if you've been through a lot of hell like I was with women, you might not even be able to SAY the words at all.  It might feel like HELL to force yourself to SAY THE WORDS when you truly don't feel it at ALL.

I remember that pain very damn well. And I know something you can do now to CHANGE that.

So the first day, your workout might be simply to get the WORDS out, and say it ten times.

That would be like doing a set of ten "reps" in the gym of a weight that might look like to others, but if someone is new at the gym, it's actually quite a workout.

And then, back to the affirmations, the next day you would say them with some more EMOTION, some more CONVICTION in your heart.

Maybe you would be able to squeeze out the affirmation "I am a super desirable man that is totally worthy of a super desirable woman, a woman who will cherish me" 3 times with actual conviction, and 7 times just saying the words.

But as you progressed, every day a bit, you would soon get to the point that you were    saying the words NATURALLY with GENUINE BELIEF, they would flow EASILY from your mind.

If you haven't actually TRIED this, then I URGE YOU TO DO IT.

The reason so few people get results is because they don't do it PROPERLY or CONSISTENTLY, just like most people don't work out properly or consistently in the gym.

And yet, if you work on your mind, you will see the potential is LIMITLESS, and so are your opportunities with women- women are DEEPLY attracted to men who have
the REAL goods and aren't just learning superficial tricks to appeal to them.

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