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Corny Pick Up Lines For Guys

Pick-up lines. The very phrase calls to mind some of the corniest expressions man has ever invented to excite, fascinate, and interest women. What will a man not do for a woman’s attention, after all? (Especially men who suffer from long sex draughts.)

Accordingly, there is poetry, there is music – and then there are corny, awful, ridiculous pick-up lines that leave women everywhere laughing, scoffing, and rolling their eyes. Pickuplines4guys.com offers a list of the top 15 corniest pick-up lines so you won’t have to invent a bad wheel yourself or, worse, rely on corny pick-up lines and think they’re actually good pick-up lines.

What follows are the 10 corniest pick-up lines that any man who is interested in women should avoid at all cost:

  • So what was it like, falling from heaven?
  • Shakespeare would have written entire stanzas about you. I could write a novel.
  • My buddies didn’t think that I could summon the courage to talk to you. They didn’t think I could get a kiss, either, but… you’ll help me prove them wrong, right?
  • Guy: I’ve got a joke for you. Girl: What is it? Guy: A priest, a rabbi, and a guy walk into a bar. They see a beautiful girl and talk among themselves about how best to approach her. The priest tries to exorcise her; she rejects him. The rabbi tries to guilt-trip her, also a rejection. The guy buys her a drink (this is where you should buy the drink) and converts her to his religion. Girl: What’s his religion? Guy: The religion of love.
  • I’m sorry, I don’t mean to intrude – I find there is only regret in failing to introduce myself to someone so beautiful.
  • I thought I was having a bad night, and then I ran into you. Just right now. And my night’s instantly better!
  • Michelangelo couldn’t do you justice.
  • You must be the North Star, because the light around you guided me here.
  • This isn’t a dream, is it? Can you pinch me? Like, around my groin area? In a loving way? Follow-up: That’s not like how it was in my dream…
  • And the corniest pick-up line in our countdown: You – you must be – Pamela Anderson?! No, wait… Anne Hathaway? Oh… you’re not… well, I’ll be the Harrison Ford to your Anderson if you raise me a Hathaway.

When To Use Corny Pick Up Lines

If you intend to use corny pick up lines on women I'd like to introduce you to a neat simple trick on women that eliminates rejection and turns them on. I'll share them with you, make sure you watch the video presentation till the end...

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We asked a female to write about corny pick up lines for guys and the following is what we got (we do not recommend you follow this girls advice and you would understand why if you watch the presentation from the link above):

Do you want to cheer up one of your friends and share something you both know about to have a good laugh? You can send text messages to all of your friends with these old pick up lines that probably worked for a while and then simply started to be boring and even stupid. You are most certainly familiar with that ‘fallen angel’ line or with that ‘I lost my phone number’ pick up line. They are all corny and if you’re seriously looking to find yourself a girlfriend or a boyfriend, you should better avoid them. Many of them are really funny, so they are much better jokes than actual pick up lines. You will have better chances of getting laughed at than for getting a woman to fall for you. It’s not a philosophy to understand the reason why these pickup lines don’t make people interested anymore. They were simply used too many times. At best, you will probably have a woman talk to you after throwing her a line because of pity. However, nobody denies the power of native charm. If you know how to handle a corny pick up line, you might have an incredible success just because you were born a charming person. Just don’t rely on it, because people usually don’t appreciate when others don’t make any personal effort in talking to them. Using a line invented a long time ago shows that you just aren’t willing to be original at all.

People like to feel special. When you go to a lady reciting a corny pick up line you got from the Internet, she will definitely not feel special at all. On contrary, she will think that you mistake her for an easy woman who falls for jokers such as yourself. Still, if you’re just sitting in a club and you feel like talking to a beautiful lady, you could go over to her and try to make a joke with one of the corny pick up lines you remember. If you are lucky, she will be in the same mood as you are and she will laugh about it, letting you buy her a drink. Who knows, maybe she will even tell you one of the corny pick up lines she knows and you will laugh all night together. On the other hand, you might get a cold drink poured right on your head if you try to pick up a lady with a corny pick up line that is really bold. Also, expect to be slapped or even kicked. Bold pick up lines can be awfully offensive even if you don’t realize it right then. Because of this, you will look like a complete fool and you will probably get some really bad reactions. You will most certainly see ladies rolling their eyes if you ask each and every one of them if you’ve met them before. This is an overused phrase. If you try a pickup line that is bolder, you might as well get laughed at. That is right, the lady will not laugh at the joke, but at you, because she will probably find it pathetic that you still use such lines. If she does, the best thing you can do is laugh with her about how silly you were and maybe apologize for trying too hard. Also, decide for yourself whether a pick up line is really corny and if you realize that it is, simply don’t use it! You would probably laugh at someone asking for a map because he or she got lost in your eyes too if it would happen to you. It is simply far away from being appealing. If you wouldn’t fall for it, why would someone else? Ladies these days dream about good-looking smart men. They all try to avoid men who are too childish, and you have to admit that pick up lines are not the most mature way to get a lady.

Overall, actually using pick up lines to draw attention to yourself is not an option. However, you can always make fun of these lines together with your friends. They are all so corny that you can’t do anything else but laugh at them. Sometimes, men who use lines like these think that they are being incredibly romantic, but the truth is that there is nothing romantic in using a pre-fabricated pick up line, unless if you’re trying to get a woman you don’t care about at all. Also, if she has some self-esteem, you will be refused the moment she recognize that corny pick up line. If a relationship is what you’re looking for, a more natural approach that includes more of your own personality and less lines invented by others will be much more benefic for you.