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Funniest Pick Up Lines For Guys

The truth stands tall above the mountains and is as necessary to romance as a bank account: women love funny men. Sure, you can pull the debonair card and enter a scene as well-dressed as James Bond. You could also pay for a meal and drinks with the kind of wealth that only Donald Trump possesses. But neither of these things or qualities will entertain a woman as much as a guy who can make her laugh and forget her troubles. Even if you’re no Vince Vaughn, you can still cast a few lines to catch the woman of your dreams (or your night, as the case may be) and assure yourself of a place in her medulla oblongata.

Consider the following 12 funniest pick-up lines your guide to a woman’s instant fascination:

  • I was walking by and got blinded by the light around you. You must be an angel.
  • Guy: For you, I’ll make this one exception. Girl: Excuse me? What do you mean? Guy: I won’t charge you for being in my presence.
  • Excuse me? Hello, can someone help me! My heart stopped beating! I took a look at this girl and I can’t breathe anymore! Can someone ask her to resuscitate me?
  • Leonardo da Vinci couldn’t do you justice.
  • Do you have the number for the art museum? I think I just discovered the artwork that’s been missing from it.
  • After meeting you, I finally understand why God rests on Sundays. It must have taken everything he had to make you.
  • Can you tell me where you got your jeans? No, I mean the ones your parents gave you.
  • You must be the embodiment of Buddha, Katy Perry, and Aphrodite… you’re just that wise, beautiful, and divine.
  • Guy: Did you hurt your back? Girl: What? Guy: When you fell from heaven?
  • What was it like, appearing on a season of The Bachelor? You mean you weren’t the best-looking girl? I had you pegged.
  • You have to tell me – what was it like to appear on Maxim’s cover?
  • Guy: You should consider a copyright. Girl: Excuse me, on what? Guy: For your face. People are probably trying to copy it everywhere. I’m just saying you have equal protection under the law for those kinds of looks.

When To Use Funny Pick Up Lines

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We asked a female to write about the funniest pick up lines for guys and the following is what we got (we do not recommend you follow this girls advice and you would understand why if you watch the presentation from the link above):

Some people these days say that it is really hard to get a date. Others will say that this is not true and that it is really easy to get one! In any case, the differences depend on the people. If a person is a bit shyer then he or she might find it a little too hard to get a date. On the other hand, if a person is open and has no problems with talking with other people, finding a date is like a walk in the park. People need to have somebody to be with as a couple. It is in our genes. We need to have somebody of the opposite sex next to us first of all because we have the need to reproduce and second of all because we are social beings. Everybody likes to know that there is somebody next to them that love them and who they can love. Some people might claim that they do not need this. Well, they might not show it in public but they might be lusting for somebody to be next to them. They might not be good at asking people out. In this department men have figured out a way of overcoming this problem. They have invented pick up lines! Some pick up lines can be really horrible but some of them are really funny too!

So, what makes a pick up line funny? Well, there are two things that can make it funny. One of them is originality, a funny but smart remark. The other one is its utter stupidity. Yes, funny pick up lines don’t necessarily have to be quality lines. Some pick up lines can be really funny just because their user has failed miserably at using them. But let’s stick to the quality funny pick up lines. The funniest lines are the ones that are able to make the person who they are addressed to laugh. This might seem like something normal but there is a catch to this thing! Your goal should not be only to make a woman laugh. You should make her understand that you are not there to only make her laugh but also to make an impression! If she will only laugh then you will definitely have a funny line but it will be more like a joke than an actual pick up line. However, women claim that they feel really attracted to men who have a sense of humor. So even if you only let her know that you are a funny guy at first, you can continue talking to her in a more serious manner. This way, you will show her both your funny side and the fact that you can be mature. Nothing could make an impression like this one. You know that laughing makes more ‘happy hormone’, which is serotonin. The body makes the same kind of hormone during sex. This is something what will make you attractive and after a good laugh with the lady, she will be willing to stay and chat with you. Funny pick up lines can be sex related, but it’s best if you tell them more like a joke if you intend them to be a little bit dirty. Just don’t forget that a pick up line is usually a lame way to get to talk to a girl. Because of this, it is better if you apologize after telling her the pick up line, making it clear that you only wanted a pretext to talk to her. She will most certainly understand, then she will laugh a little and you will probably have the opportunity of getting her something to drink. However, there are ladies who might feel somehow offended even by jokes. Because of this, you could also expect to fail in your attempt of charming a pretty lady. Don’t forget that pick up lines are lame in general, so no matter how funny one is, there are a lot of women who won’t appreciate them.

Always keep in mind that a pick up line is not very classy. Because of that, you will probably make a bad impression either if you just met the person you want to tell it to or if you’re on the first date. Many people can understand jokes, but you usually have to be close to a woman or a man in order to serve them a funny joke, especially if it’s a sexual one. However, you can also ask a woman for raisins. Since she will most certainly not have any for you, you can ask for a date instead. This is not dirty at all and it is surprisingly funny. There are many others similar to this. You just need to know how to tell it in order for it to be really funny.