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Funny Pick Up Lines For Guys

The maxim is nearly as old as and durable as the Himalayan Mountains, and stands as the truth above almost all truths: women love funny men. A bachelor as suave as James Bond can pick the interest of a lovely lady, just as surely as a man seemingly as wealthy as Donald Trump can buy some short-term (and deeply misplaced) affection. But it’s the guy that can make a woman instantly enjoy herself who wins the game. Even if you’re no Jim Carrey, you can still drop a few sinkers sure to rivet the woman of your dreams (or your night) and ensure that you’re a recurring idea in the back of her medulla oblongata.

Consider the following 15 funniest pick-up lines your guide to a woman’s instant fascination:

  • So, apart from being a model, what do you do for a living?
  • Sorry, I thought you were a parking ticket. You had “fine” written all over you.
  • Guy: For you, I’ll make this one exception. Girl: Excuse me? What do you mean? Guy: I won’t charge you for being in my presence.
  • If you’re the human equivalent of a limousine, I’d be your chauffer any day.
  • Guy: How much does this seat cost? Girl: What do you mean? Guy: You mean you don’t make people pay to be in your presence? God, you’ve got to be missing out on so much loot!
  • So which Disney princess are you? I’m guessing the pretty one. Or…
  • So which Disney princess are you? I’m guessing you’re probably Ariel. I don’t smell fish but I see tail! (Word of caution: This one can get you slapped.) Or…
  • So which Disney princess are you? If you need a prince to wake you with a kiss, I’m happy to help.
  • So what did Prince Harry say when you turned him down? Oh, wait, I mistook you for a princess…
  • My God, I’ve just experienced a conversion. You‘re proof that angels do exist!
  • How does it feel to get all the attention you must receive for your good looks?
  • Guy: Is it true then? Girl: Excuse me? Is what true? Guy: That heaven exists. You look like you just came from there.
  • You have to tell me – what was it like to appear on Maxim’s cover?
  • Guy: Okay, what’s your secret? Girl: What – who are you? What do you mean? Guy: There’s no way someone can be this good-looking.
  • And the top pick-up line in our countdown: Sorry, but I have to know: What was it like winning the Miss America pageant? You must have had your competition beat.

When To Use Funny Pick Up Lines

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We asked a female to write about funny pick up lines for guys and the following is what we got (we do not recommend you follow this girls advice and you would understand why if you watch the presentation from the link above):

Since the dawn of humankind people have been interested in being with one another. It is in our genes to be together with our own kind. In some cases, people who didn’t have any social relationship with another human being became mad because of it. Being together as a couple is also important for us humans. It has been proven that all humans need some sort of affection from someone. There was a study on some babies that didn’t have any kind of love and attention given to them and they died in the first months of their lives. This is how important love is for us! When we grow up we all want to have someone by our side that we will be able to love and who will love us back. However, before this can happen, two people need to know each other and for some individuals getting the attention of the other person can be really hard. This is why a lot of people use all sorts of pick up lines. Some can be funny but some of them can be really dumb. So, if you are interested in knowing some really funny pick up lines then you might want to start writing them down! Who knows what genius pick up line you will come up with!

One really funny pick up line goes something like this: if your upper lip was Easter and your lower lip was Christmas, I would like to pay you a visit between the holidays. Men mostly use these types of pick up lines. It is pretty ridiculous but in some cases it can stir up a really good laugh! But in some cases this pick up line can only get you a drink in the face. Some women do not appreciate at all the fact that men try to hit on them with all sorts of pick up lines and they might even be offended by that particular one. Some women, however, who are more the funny type will probably laugh at this and will give you the chance to have a chat with them. It is a really funny pick up line but it should only be used one time. Another really funny pick up line that, again, only men use is this one: “Hi! Have you met my twin brother? Well, he couldn’t make it so I’m here to take his place.” Some women might find this pick up line really funny. But you must know that this line does not work with all women. You might annoy some of them by using this pick up line with them. Some women might find this line actually amusing and also intriguing. They might go with your role-play and you might end up winning your ‘brother’ a date with that specific woman. My personal favorite when it comes to pick up lines is this one: “It’s really chilly and I seem to have lost my jacket. Well, I guess you will be able to warm me up.’ More and more wannabe Don Juan’s are using this pick up line. But this might be a really funny pick up line that can work and help you get a date! However, it must be played smoothly in order to work. If you act all macho while using this line you might even get a slap on the face. Some guys, who use it really gently, might get a laugh from the women that they used it on. This might be a good thing if the woman then seems to be interested and if she will respond you with another funny line. This pick up line can really help you get a date even when things look really grim in the dating world. You should always try out a funny pick up line but you should never exaggerate. Women might think that all that you’re a funny man and they might not take you seriously!

So, these are just some of the funniest pick up lines that you will hear men say. You should know that there are also pick up lines that are used by women! You should not think that only men try to get women in funny ways. The women who like to be on ‘the prowl’ for men will usually find their own pick up lines that they will use. Some women might use this pick up line: ‘Stunning, athletic, smart, available and can cook!’ at which point the man would say ‘But I can’t cook’ and the women will reply ‘I wasn’t talking about you’. Such a pick up line can get a small laugh from the guy but will surely do its job perfectly. If you are a woman then you should really try out this pick up line! Nobody said that only guys could use funny pick up lines!