How To Know EXACTLY What To Say To Women

If you know anything about me, you know that the only thing I care about is TRUTH and have zero tolerance for marketing b.s. or any form of lies.

Maybe you've heard a lot about guys who are 'naturals' with women who just use 'instincts'.  So let me tell you the truth about this whole concept of what it REALLY means to use your 'instincts' to know what to do with a woman, what to SAY to her, when to escalate physically, and how to KNOW what type of woman she is in terms of her character.

Once you learn how to use your INSTINCTS, it can save you a TON of time and actually help you make decisions that are in fact BETTER than if you were to spend ten years thinking about it.

Have you ever heard the phrase "trust your instincts"?  Well, this is an idea that CAN be very powerful but is usually TOTALLY warped by guys and women as well, to disastrous results.

So for example, if you have been taught that women are trying to take the power from you always, and that you have to show a woman "who is boss", then this will warp your instincts- i.e. if you are at a restaurant and the bill comes and her cell phone rings, you will feel the wrong INSTINCT, you will probably jump to the conclusion that she is trying to get out of the bill, etc, etc.

Similarly, if you have been brought up to believe that women are all sugar and spice, and they are all little angels, you will think too NICELY about everything she does, including if she doesn't call you back you will have a thousand excuses for her.

So, the only time you can truly rely on your instincts is AFTER:

1. You have gathered a lot of experience with dating women and have learned a ton from the best knowledge on the topic.

2. You ALSO have to become highly aware and conscious of how instincts can sometimes lead you WRONG, so you don't fall prey to this mistake.  A classic example is the HALO EFFECT that instinctively happens when men see a beautiful woman- what happens is that we INSTINCTIVELY feel that she is worth more, that she is good, that she is somehow virtuous- and we RATIONALIZE it, we start to actually CREATE B.S. reasons for "proof" of our feelings- we exaggerate the good
qualities of a woman, etc.  (women do this as well with men they are attracted to)
Now, once you have THOSE things understood deep in your soul, well THEN
you can make REALLY DAMN GOOD  DECISIONS based on your SNAP judgments ands instincts.

THIS is why when you achieve mastery level, THEN you can rely on  your instincts,
because at THAT point your brain now has a "library" of a billion useful lessons based on all the PREVIOUS experiences and billions of data that you have gathered about women, dating, success, attraction, etc.

This is why you hear guys who are good with women say oversimplification and
things like "you just do it' or if you ask a woman who is attractive for  dating advice,
they will say things like "just be yourself"-- it's because THEY are already at that point where THEY don't have to THINK about anything they are doing, since they already HAVE INTERNALIZED all the lessons deep inside, it's AUTOMATIC for them, and they can't even comprehend what it's like to be a beginner.

I, however, will NEVER forget what it was like, because I have an obsessive personality. and I AM the kind of guy who will remember things and never forget till the last day he is on earth.

So let me give you some examples of things that you should KNOW and DO, and then after MASTERING this stuff down really well, then one day you can be at mastery level where all you have to do is rely on your INSTINCTS.  Just remember, that these instincts were formed as a result of learning these thing and applying them to all your situations with women.


1. See how she reacts under STRESS. Whether it's financial stress, stress from her friends, family, or anything else.

HERE is where you will see just how HARD-CORE or NOT she is about being patient, sensitive to others, and preserving her sense of sanity.

The truth is that people who are really good people pretty much are good EVEN under pressure.  NO, they are not the same or perfect, of course, but they are STILL pretty damn good.

So after practicing observing this stuff, for a while, you will learn to STOP making instinctive judgments from the halo effect or other equally insane methods, and then you will eventually be able to SUBCONSCIOUSLY notice SUBTLETIES in women's behavior that tell a DIRECT EMOTIONAL MESSAGE to your brain, a message that just tells you whether she is a cool person or not, even if you can't ARTICULATE the actual reasons- your brain will know what is going on, on a subconscious level- you will just "know" if she is a good person or not.

Similarly, if a woman is not calling you back or a woman is doing ANYTHING to you, you will be able to make better judgments, FAST.  But only after PRACTICE at this from knowing and training yourself what NOT to look at and what you SHOULD be concentrating on.


I was the ORIGINAL guy who taught men how to NEVER need to use pick-up lines, in the same way that I was the original guy to SEPARATE from the "seduction community" because of all the misguided direction it was taking.

So, let me share with you how to eventually KNOW what to say when you see a woman ANYWHERE, at the coffee shop, at the mall, at SEARS, or anywhere else!!

You see, right now, most guys what they do is, they spend all their time learning LINES and routines, and so they train their brain THAT way, they don't develop the ability to learn what they SHOULD be focusing on that will help them make the RIGHT decision on what to say.


I say OBSERVE, don't even TRY to talk to the women, as SAYING the WORDS is easy once you KNOW what to say.

The skill you are working on here in this experiment is LEARNING HOW TO KNOW WHAT TO SAY, not the actual saying it.

Plus, the fact you have no pressure on yourself to have to actually SAY anything will make you totally relaxed and this will make you even BETTER at finding what you COULD say.

So, let's say you are in line at the bank, and there is a woman in front of you,  you DON'T have to say anything.

Just think of all the things you COULD say. It could be her purse, the way she is dressed for business and the fact you contrast in your jeans and sneakers and how you would playfully say that you two would never get along, etc.

It could be you joking about how you and her could take all the money in the bank.

Since you are under no pressure to actually SAY anything, you will be SUPER CREATIVE and come up with tons of things to say.      

Remember, the idea is to keep it fun for starters, as this DISARMS her and puts her in a state where she WANTS to talk, and THEN you can work your way into a more serious connection as the conversation goes on for longer as you talk to her.

But let's keep it simple here for now- you are to do nothing but OBSERVE
all the situations where women are and you are during the day, and think of what you COULD say.

DON'T actually say anything, don't say a word, in fact by not saying anything, you kind of create this internal pressure where after a week you will be EXPLODING with things to say and you will WANT to say them badly.

Do this experiment for an entire WEEK. At the bank, the post office, the bus, the train, at school, at the library, store, EVERYWHERE.

By doing this, you will be training your brain to TAKE IN ALL THE STIMULI that are available for conversation, and subconsciously you will start to develop an INSTINCT for ALLLLLLLL the things that are available for what you can say ANYWHERE.  

THIS is how you learn to develop and USE your INSTINCTS so that it all comes to you AUTOMATICALLY.

This is how you become the REAL James Bond type with women rather than a scared little boy who needs memorized canned material from a book called The Game or anywhere else.

This is how you develop THE POWER for yourself. so that you can walk into a place anywhere, and see a woman, and go right up to her and you can use INSTINCT or INTUITION to immediately come up with the right thing to say or do--- what is happening is that you will KNOW what to do, but you won't know consciously HOW you came up with it, and you won't even know exactly WHY it's the right thing- but it will WORK.

Your brain is SOOOOOOOOOOO much more powerful than you realize, it can do so much for you, but you have to KNOW how to train it, and how to operate it properly, so that it can do all these wonderful things for you.

The problem with pick-up lines is that they are  not flexible enough or adaptive enough to truly FIT every situation perfectly.  The second problem is that by knowing you are relying on a pick-up line, your self-esteem doesn't get to be as high as it can be, since you know it wasn't you, you know it was a pick-up line.  The third problem
is that a pick up line makes you feel pressure to live up to another personality that wasn't yours, so you don't get to chill out with being yourself.  Yes, you can be yourself, AFTER you develop these skills, including after doing exercises like these that really WORK to take you to a higher level of SKILL.

As I'm sure you can see, this stuff is what WORKS, and I'd LOVE to see YOU get
ALLLLL the results you deserve.  What's more, I know I can GET YOU to where you want to be in this area of your life, and I LOVE the thrill of making that happen.

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