How To Talk Women Into Bed Without Pick Up Lines

Wouldn't you like to know how to TALK a woman into bed?

Because it seems like the scariest part about turning a woman on is when you've got to touch her or kiss her.

As long as you can keep talking, there's not so much pressure. And there's not so much risk.

That's why I figured out a way to TALK any woman into a lusty, horny state, where she wants to rip your clothes off.

The trick is fairly simple...


Ever hear of the phrase, "double entendre?"

Basically, it's when someone SAYS one thing... but MEANS another.

(Lots of times, you follow it with the phrase, "That's what she said")

And it's these double entendres that let you TALK a woman into a horny state.

Let me explain:

There are thirty "innocent" words I've found in the English Language that have second, sexual meanings.

The most obvious are words like hard, come, thrusting, etc.

Because every time you hear these words, you think about something sexual.

The more you hear them, the more sexual images float right through your mind. And you don't stop them, because you're not REALLY talking about sex. So it's no big deal.

The thing is: The more sexual images you can put into a woman's mind, the more sexually aroused she gets.

So when you use more and more of these "innocent" words, she gets more and more turned on.

This leads to:

* First dates where – just minutes into dinner – she reaches over and puts a hand on your lap, with a horny look in her eye...

* "Bar nights" where the hottest woman in the club is sucking the straw in your drink while looking right in your eyes... then smiling, like she's toying with you...

* Girlfriends who drag you into the changing room, unbuckle your belt buckle and go down on you while there are people right outside...

… And other, equally exciting situations. All because you used these "innocent" words to "Talk her horny."

Which words? That's easy:

* Hard
* Wet
* Moist
* Come
* Deep Inside
* Thrust

… Among many others.


The real secret is how you "slip" these words into conversation. How you sneak these sexual images into her brain, without her even noticing.

And THAT'S where the REAL "magic" is.

My friend Chris (he calls himself, "Orleans") is a real master at this kind of stuff. He won't admit it, but I taught him everything he knows.

And so when me and him got together to teach a few of our other friends about
these "innocent" words...

… We made sure we got the whole interview on tape. Including a few incredible examples on some VERY attractive women.

If you're up for it, I'd like to share this footage with you. We cover other topics, as well. And I also interview a few of my other friends, who specialize in different areas of talking to women.

All in all, it's a whole weekend worth of footage. And if you'd like to check it out, you simply need to visit the url below:

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