Is This Myth Ruining Your Connection With Women

Let's get to the point.

When guys start getting out there and meeting women, eventually they'll meet one that they like right away.

She's different than the other girls - maybe she's smarter, or more driven and successful, or just has a great sense of humor.

You like this girl for more than just her body.

You feel an affinity towards her – you want to be around her and get to know her better. But this begs the question...

Does she feel the same about you?

The short answer is, "probably." If you are feeling a vibe with someone, odds are they are feeling it too - that's why there's a vibe present - it's mutual.

Rapport is either mutual or it's not there at all - it can only be a two-way street.

BUT there's a problem.

If you are asking yourself "is it mutual?" it might be likely that you have a deep insecurity that needs to be dealt with.

First of all, this kind of focus stems from bad information.

Let me explain. Society, as usual, is the main culprit for this misinformation.

Since day one, males are taught that  you must sweet-talk women and say the right thing so they'll like you.

THEN you have to go even further so she feels "connected to you."

There's an unspoken myth that abounds in our society, and it says that a woman must feel like you are her soul mate before she'll have sex with you. NOT TRUE.

In fact, if a woman feels like you and she were "meant to be together" this can actually slow down the sexual process.

I don't want to get into that right now, but I will say that women are closer to men than you might think.

They don't need to feel connected to you on some crazy spiritual level. They just
want to feel comfortable with you and have fun with you. Sex is a natural outcome of that.

But most guys don't believe that, so they try to FORGE A CONNECTION.

Women know this move...the guys starts blathering on and on about values and spirituality and all kinds of soft, cute, sentimental gibberish.

Now most women will play along with this, but they can FEEL that you aren't being real - you are trying to MAKE HER FEEL CONNECTED TO YOU.

It's like when someone who's not very intelligent tries to be "deep." It makes you cringe!

Trying to force, or forge a connection will almost certainly lead to a woman flaking on you, because she will look back on the interaction and think that you are full of sh*t!

Before I go on, I think I should clarify what "Connection" is all about, because it's a major part of our Drills Workshop.

First, connection and attraction are synonymous. It's a pull between two people.

It's not something that you DO, it's something that is there already, as POTENTIAL, and is ACTUALIZED when you are your true masculine self, and she is her true feminine self.

Inherent in attraction, or connection, is escalation. If you're not escalating, you're not doing anything. So a connection is simply you and a woman coming closer on an emotional level.

Like I said before, it's a mutual movement; if she's not moving towards you, there is no connection, or rapport, or whatever you want to call it.

So it's either all or nothing - connection, attraction, escalation – it is ONLY a two-way street.

This means that she must be involved.

In fact, "involved" doesn't quite describe it fully.

She isn't involved, SHE IS IT! She should be the one who is connecting to you!

Now what do I mean by this...well think of it like this - instead of trying to connect to a woman, you should be "connectible."

This is a term I got from Brian, my instructor.

He recently did an interview with the guys from Pickup Podcast, which should be released in the near future, and he talked a lot about being "connectible" instead of BS'ing and trying to connect to women.

So if you're not trying to connect, what should you be doing?

Well, as a man, probably your strongest drive is sexual. You want a sexual relationship with the woman you are talking to.

And this is GREAT. She WANTS you to be the sexual initiator. It's very attractive for a man to express his sexual nature without any apology.

But it's her role to be the emotional initiator. In fact, if you try to do this for her, not only do you look like a desperate wuss, you PREVENT HER FROM BEING THE WOMAN!

There's really no two ways about it - women already perceive men as the sexual initiators, so anything you do will be seen through the frame of you trying to make sex happen.

So think about this - if you are trying to sound all emotional and sweet and deep (ew) she'll think you are just doing it to get sex.

So what do you do?

Be real about your intent. If you are openly sexual with your touch, your energy, the way you look at her, she can't fault you for being dishonest.

In fact, you'll come off incredibly attractive, and SHE'LL BE MOTIVATED TO FORGE A CONNECTION WITH YOU.

That's where guys get mixed up – they think that a woman needs to feel a connection with a man to have sex, so instead of being sexual, the man will be emotional in order to satisfy this "connection component."

What they don't understand is that it's the woman's role to be the "connector," and she will be motivated to do that ONLY IF YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE.

Now how does a man "be attractive"?

He expresses his true personality, regardless of what others think of him. If you are bored with the conversation, change the subject, or just stop participating.

If you are sexually aroused by a woman, show her (without desperation - I'll have to dedicate another newsletter to that topic alone).

If you have problems with your sexuality - maybe you feel ashamed of your desires, or you are unsure of you abilities in bed - you must get that handled.

The best way is through experience, and this experience must be guided so that you get the proper real-world feedback.

That's where the Pandoras Box comes in. It's a guidebook for your mind, for how to cultivate your focus and your expression - YOUR WHOLE BEING - so that you can start to enjoy women the way you were meant to.

It's so counter-intuitive, that it took me ages to figure out how to become "connectible." But the real key was when I stopped trying to accommodate women's personalities, and instead connected to MY SELF.

This takes very little effort compared to trying to "run game" on women, and it leads to natural, effortless attraction, sexual tension, and women ESCALATE ON ME!

How's that for a paradigm shift! Wouldn't it be nice if women were so turned on by your natural personality that THEY WERE THE ONES TRYING TO SEDUCE YOU?

And here's the thing. I almost always have sex with a woman I decide I'm interested in, because once they meet me, THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ESCALATE.

So I can't "fail" with her, because she is the one who's doing everything. I don't have to guess how to connect to her, and I don't have to strategize to game her. She does it to herself!

This is the kind of reality I want to create for my students and for readers of Pandoras Box.

I think it's time that men break free of the mental prison society has imposed on us.

It's time for the REAL YOU to emerge and realize your potential.

There's only the present - if you're not willing to TAKE THE LEAP RIGHT NOW, then when will you be ready?


In two years?

In ten?

Think of how many women will cross your path between now and then.

Don't delay:

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