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Nerdy Pick Up Lines For Guys

The stereotype is true: women are elusive for nerds. Pointdexters, four-eyes, pocket-protectors, mathematicians, and Ph.D. students all tend to find themselves in the same predicament at some juncture in their collective lives. These masters of the Pythagorean Theorem and World of Warcraft superstars are witless wonders in instances of courtship, which require boldness, sophistication, and the occasional clever remark to wed a suitor’s man-card to his suave appearance.

With that said, Pickuplines4guys.com proudly presents the top 15 most nerdy pick-up lines – for laughs, for nerds, and, most of all, for four-eyed, orc-lovin’ sex:

  • You remind me of Cheetara. You know, from Thundercats? Follow-up: You’ve never watched Thundercats!?
  • I want to be the Captain Kirk to your Beverly Crusher. And if you let me guide your Starship Enterprise, maybe we can dance like the Borg?
  • You know, this may sound strange, but you remind me of this elf I briefly dated on World of Warcraft. Follow-up: It was totally brief. We only chatted online, like, twice. The sex was terrible.
  • Would it be weird if I referred to you as Selina Kyle? Follow-up: Or Catwoman? Second follow-up: Or both?
  • I’ll be the Batman to your Catwoman any night you want. Just let me know the rooftop.
  • You and I are as easy as one plus one equals AWESOME.
  • The rules and conditions of the Pythagorean Theorem dictate that we must have sex.
  • You want to know something about me? I made better scores on my college entrance exams than Einstein. Never mind that Einstein didn’t attend college.
  • One times two multiplied by three to the power of four would equal the quotient of you and me in bed together. Follow-up: If that made any sense to you, and luckily it did, then you should let me buy you a drink.
  • If Einstein had met you, he would’ve based his entire theory of relativity around you.
  • If I could’ve done my entire doctoral thesis all over again, I would’ve done it on how beautiful you are.
  • Ever watch The Big Bang Theory? Want to experience it?
  • If you’re Nala, I’m Simba. Why don’t we complete the circle of life?
  • And the most nerdy pick-up line on our countdown: Why don’t you join me on World of Warcraft tomorrow. I’ll even give you my avatar’s name.

When To Use Nerdy Pick Up Lines

If you intend to use nerdy pick up lines on women I'd like to introduce you to a neat simple trick on women that eliminates rejection and turns them on. I'll share them with you, make sure you watch the video presentation till the end...

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We asked a female to write about nerdy pick up lines for guys and the following is what we got (we do not recommend you follow this girls advice and you would understand why if you watch the presentation from the link above):

What do you honestly think of when you hear about pick up lines? I am sure that most people would probably imagine those guys who have no relationship experience at all and just try their luck by learning some heart lines. These lines are supposed to be provocative for the ladies, in order to stimulate their interest for the man telling them. However not surprising at all most men who are desperate enough to trust pick up lines don’t end up with the girl. The reason is the fact that most pick up lines have been created by people who were either trying to make jokes or by men who thought that charming a lady can actually be done with a more creative line. The only problem is that these lines are either ‘too creative’ or not creative enough. Now most men will probably say that women are too picky, but they should try to see things more realistic. Who would go on an actual date with a man that couldn’t even find his own words to say ‘hello’? Most pick up lines are cheesy anyway. Unless you know how to tell a pick up line in the most funny and original way possible, your chances of getting to know a woman are really, really low. The best thing you could do would be to make her laugh out loud, which is probably not what you intend to do.

If you really are a nerd and you want to express your personality through the pick up line you tell a girl, then you should look for some kind of pick up lines that are truly nerdy. You should take into consideration though, that not all girls are into the nerd type of guy. If your hobby is staying at the library studying chemistry or making all sorts of computer software at home, you should at least make it look interesting for the girl you are trying to impress. It would be an even better idea to only date girls who share your hobbies, just to make sure you don’t make a wrong impression because you’re not into football or baseball like any other guy. However, pick up lines will still be pick up lines. There are good nerdy pick up lines and there are really bad ones. It’s always a better idea to wait until you know a girl better in order to tell her a nerdy pick up line. Of course, most pick up lines are designed for picking up women in clubs and pubs, but there are definitely no chances of getting lucky with a stranger if you’re using pick up lines like the nerdy ones. Once you known a girl for a while, you can even throw a line like this as a joke. This way, you will tell her that you like her but you won’t be too weird since you will already be friends. Nerdy pick up lines usually contain references to biology, chemistry, mathematics and computer related things. As long as your pick up lines are not about multiplying her x with your y or about hard drives and joysticks, you should be fine. Don’t mistake nerdy pick up lines with connotations for dirty pick up lines. In many cases, they can be the same, just told with different words; no dirty lines or you will get rejected in a blink of an eye. Usually, more acceptable nerdy pick up lines include the law of attraction, maybe a little chemistry and even biology in some cases. When you use biology, make sure to only refer to blood pressure, heart or the muscles that are responsible with smiling and zygomaticus muscles. You can use other things in biology too, as long as you don’t go as far as intimate body parts. Then you will be crossing the line again, getting to tell a dirty pick up line, and you don’t want that.

Always think about how much you like a girl before going on to her with a nerdy pick up line. If you know for a fact that she will like it, go for it! But if not, try to be yourself without showing her just what a big nerd you are. Let her adjust to the situation and learn in time more things about you. On the other hand, if you simply want to make jokes in your group of friends, nerdy pick up lines can really be amusing. Starting from angles to chromosomes, from radicals to multiplying, nerdy pick up lines are much more varied than you could imagine. They can be really cute but they can also be amazingly dirty. Always do what you think is best when you want to get the girl, but other than instincts, use your head in order not to make a big mistake and then regret it.