How To Never Back Down
With Women

Ever have to "back down" from another guy because he got aggressive and in your face?

Personally, I notice this happen most when bosses or people in power intimidate you into getting what they want.

Well, I say, "Fuck That!"

Because you never have to let it happen, ever again. The secret is really simple:


Plain and simple: If you've got more self-confidence, he's going to have to back down.

It's like two forces trying to compete with each other. The stronger force
wins. The weaker force loses.

Now, when it's working in your favor, you think this is the best thing in the world.

People get out of your way, as a sign of respect, when you're walking down the street...

Pretty women walk closer to you, smile and make eye contact, and even sometimes come up and talk to you...

And even your boss doesn't give you shit, because he has a lot of RESPECT for you.

Now, you may be asking, "Well what happens if I'm NOT that self-confident?" And my answer is: You are. I promise.

You simply DON'T SEE IT IN YOURSELF, yet.

No worries, I didn't either. Not for twenty five years of my life. I was shy, and stayed away from bigger men than me until I discovered this simple secret:


Whether you're confident or not doesn't depend on what you DO with your life... It depends on how you FEEL!

And the rockstar confidence that makes other men practically bow down to you doesn't come from actually BEING a rockstar... it comes from FEELING like you're a pretty kickass guy.

So.. with that in mind... I developed a four step system that lets you control your thoughts, your emotions and your feelings.

Not so you don't feel bad, or you feel "fake good." This system actually digs up the good feelings you have right now. And gets rid of the bad ones which are holding you down.

Listen, this is starting to sound more complex than it really is. This system is really simple – so simple in fact, I gave it to my friend Bob and in one month, he was dating the girl of his dreams.

(Not to mention: His boss got off of his back – fast!)

I asked Bob to share a little about his experiences with this system, and how it changed his life. So he wrote me a little letter, which I put online for you to read.

If you want to check it out, it's on this page, about three screen scrolls down.

Although I highly recommend you read all of the following page – because this information will dramatically improve the quality of your life:

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