Overcome ANY Limitation With Women

As you might guess, quite a few emails arrive every day, and I try my best to answer everyone as fast as possible. So I'd like to share some important ones with you.

The following email is a two-part email- the first with his question, the second with his FOLLOW UP after taking action, which is very useful.

Here it is:


Hi Michael,

I don't know how much of this you have covered in the past, but I have come across a new situation, where I have met this great woman, and we have a great thing going.

She appreciates finally having landed a real MAN, and I'm injoying a all her wit and all she has to offer me. The thing is that I just found out she is in fact 4 inches taller than me.

We are yet to meet in person, as we met on the net, and talk on the phone. The whole dynamics of this relationship is totally coherent, and in the way of as you would say "THE MAN".

The first thought that come to my head is unfounded insecurity. Dammit, you would think that after several years of being "THE MAN" they would be gone for good hey?

However I just never have been in this situation. In reality, this physical body I dwell in I have had no say in, I can keep it tuned and performing to the max, but height is not in my control, however...

My persona is over 10 foot tall, towering over her, even as great a woman as she is. I don't even know if she has given my height a thought, her being 5 foot 10. After all I'm already in places in her mind NO ONE has ever been.

It would be such a shame for something as mundane as physical stature to stand in the way of all these dynamics of attraction. I come to see it as a further challenge, and another opportunity to climb a step higher as THE MAN, and arrive at another level again.

How she will read this wouldn't really matter as far as my self esteem, as I have no problems movin to the next woman. I would actually LOVE to take her out, and have the chance to insist she wears high heels..lol.

My question to you my friend is what experience do you have in this situation. I have not been here before, and it's new. The tallest girl I dated was one inch taller than me. This one is 4 inches taller, and I have no idea if she knows it, nor if she cares.

Thanx Michael, and I'm sure this will help your other readers.

Victor T.


Hi Victor,

The 3 most important things to understand here are:

1. There ARE beautiful women out there who really don't care about your height and they know that already.

2. There ARE also some other beautiful women out there who don't care about your height but they might not REALIZE it till they get to know you.

3. In every case, the way that YOU handle yourself makes a massive difference. Realize also that many guys allow this fear to ruin their charisma and it makes them act in a way that is not cool or fun.

Keep in touch...
Now, at that point a couple of months ago, I knew that Victor had my original "The Dating Wizard" book and he then lately started to also follow up with the Get A Great Girl materials, which makes sense since he was now lucky enough to have found a woman that could truly be "the one"...

Well, I heard back from him just a few days ago...


Hello Michael,

I did not allow this to effect my charisma in the end. We are together, and it makes absolutely NO difference.

I could post you emails from her to confirm every bit of information you portray in your newsletters.

It's what separates you from the other fools.

For some men, the "pick up" artists are good. They just do NOT go deep enough to reach this level. It allows them to at least get a "shag".

For other men, that is so superficial and unfulfilling, that it leaves lacking. This is where you come in.

To reach a point where you become THE MAN, and incredibly sexy, from a point so deep in your persona, that it becomes so natural takes not "pick up" tricks, but a soul searching and achievements within one's self.

This is hard work. It means dumping any ego, and applying one self to overcoming all the real fears. This height issue being just one.

In the end, as a man I am a giant amongst dwarfs, and there's no way I was letting my physical height get in the way of a great woman. They just don't come around too often.

It's incredible, how our minds work.

Best regards,

Victor T.


Amen to that! I like nothing better than hearing about guys putting the materials to good use, as they get over the limitations within and become the MAN they were born to be, with WHICHEVER woman they choose.


Still confused Michael about this ego thing. You said we should give up getting upset over trivial things, but shouldn't we also not deal with inappropriate behavior and disrespect. I think my problem is understanding the difference.

I also want to say that I appreciate what you are doing. You are one of the lone voices I have come across in this entire field that advocate being a complete man and actually pursue that course themselves.

I am happy to know I can be "nice" without being a "nice guy" and that has helped me
tremendously. I defined the type of woman I wanted to marry and now have been ignoring types that I don't. During that process, I still go out and have fun with these women, but it's honest and I let them know.

I've been getting a lot of compliments about my profile and many women have been requesting to speak to me after reading it..saying how they all were rolling on the floor laughing almost after reading it.

One of those women who did read it is actually the exact embodiment of what I want in a woman. She is financially stable, good with her family and friends, courteous, loyal, energetic, intellectually curious and fun.

Oh, and she used to be in beauty pageants and model too. Problem is, she is in London. I'm getting the "oneitis" of thinking about her a lot. Good news is my ________ (withheld to protect privacy) in London is getting married in July so I will see her and she plans to move here to NY in the fall. Bad news is that I seem paralyzed as I am meeting some quality women now and don't want to be hung up on her nor be disrespectful of these women's time.

From my understanding, you would probably say I shouldn't be with these women as they don't match my ideal woman. However, that brings up my new question...how do we know when we are being definite in what we want as opposed to just being picky about little things?

Appreciate all your work and thank you.

David R.


Hi David,

Thanks for your email. Regarding your first question about knowing the difference between not getting upset at trivial things and not tolerating inappropriate behavior, the difference is this:

When you are empowered and at peace, you can still deal with inappropriate behavior and disrespect, in fact you can deal with it better because it is coming from a place inside of you that is truly feeling strong and at peace, rather than from a place that is feeling threatened or angry or insecure.

When you are in this better state of mind, the things you say to a woman have stronger effect, because she can see that your statements are not coming from neediness for her, that you are in fact in a good state and that you therefore don't need her to feel good.

Also, when you are in this better state of mind, it also allows you to see when in fact the woman did nothing vs. when she actually did something.

When we are in a negative state of mind, we see threats and disrespect everywhere even when it might not exist.

The answer regarding being picky vs. what we really want is a matter of emotional maturity and experience. Most men, even 40s and 50s and beyond, are not fully emotionally mature believe it or not. So you have to know what is a MUST vs what is just something that is "nice".

And it looks like we have time for just one more letter...

Hey Michael,

I just finished reading the Get A Girl book, and I was amazed to see so many areas where my way of thinking about, and approaching, dating was skewed.

I would say the biggest light bulb that went off for me was the idea of the halo effect. I so do that. Now that I understand that this, my mind and emotions truly don't put those beautiful girls on a pedestal. It sure does take the pressure off.

I also love the Superman/Clark Kent analogy. There is a particular scene that comes to mind that illustrates this point so clearly. It's where Clark is waiting for Lois in another room, and they are having a conversation around the corner from each other. He wants so badly to tell her that he is Superman, and for a brief moment removes his glasses and speaks as Superman.

However, he quickly and clumsily returns back to Clark Kent mode when she comes into the room. To me, the scene is a great illustration of the distinction of being the good guy from a place of weakness vs. a place of strength.

He is a good guy no mater which person he is, but Superman is good from a place of strength. It shows in his posture, voice, and general demeanor.

This is the mental picture that comes to mind when thinking of this concept. Off the subject, what a great acting performance by the late Christopher Reeve!

I was floored at the idea of imagining myself failing as a means to confront fear. I was an athlete in college, and we were always told to imagine ourselves as being successful.

I guess the difference between women and athleticsis that there is nothing at stake if I fail with the woman, whereas the team is depending on me to perform. If I fail with the woman, so what. If I fail as an athlete, then we may lose the game.

I've tried visualizing failure, and I must say that it is chipping away at the fear. Like you said, it won't go away overnight, but this is all just a development process anyway, right?

Anyway, thanks for your work, and I anticipate the CDs will be here any day now.

Take care,

Sam C.


Thanks for your email- it's a great letter and the specific analogy you mentioned totally brought back my memory of that scene- GREAT illustration of that point! And absolutely, Christopher Reeve did a fantastic job.

Regarding inner and outer beauty, it is very possible for a woman to have both. It's just that most guys tend to make the mistake and they feel (subconsciously) if a woman is beautiful on the outside that she FOR SURE IS the same on the inside, which is simply not necessarily true.

This happens because it works on an emotional level, and once the emotions kick in, we really FEEL that the person is virtuous, noble, smart, etc. This principle is used in courts and in advertising all the time. Only a few trained men belong to the crowd that truly FEEL instinctively beyond this primitive way.

And regarding the method for confronting fear, this actually works even for athletics as well! An athlete can still picture himself being successful, but if he has a particular FEAR or BLOCK that is constantly obsessively interfering with his success, then he must do this as well to take care of that fear. Now, once the fear is gone, THEN one can focus on the success, but the cool part is that at that point one starts to do that naturally!!

And I'd love to hear your feedback on the CDs when you get them and start applying them!

And if you are reading this right now, and you would like to get the results that you deserve, then I suggest you download my book IMMEDIATELY at:

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This book will DELIVER. It's not some rehashed "PICK UP" advice.

It's how to get a great woman by being the man you were BORN to be before you got brainwashed by all kinds of horrendous programming.

Till next time,


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