The Most Powerful Way To Up Your 'Game' INSTANTLY

Let's cut through the crap - you are here right now because you are unhappy with your
current level of success with women, and I am writing this because I was once in the same position as you are in now.

The reality is that MOST guys are usually pretty unhappy with their current level of success (or lack of it) with women.

The other reality is that most men will NEVER do anything about it.

I understand why most men never do anything about it, because as a guy who spent over 7 YEARS of his life trying to get dates, especially with the kind of women he was interested in, and then not only not getting results, but also getting his heart RIPPED to shreds, I got to the point where I felt it was just too much pain, and I would rather not even try.

It got to the point that it genuinely felt to me like there was some type of conspiracy or bizarre reality that women were all together on, as if men really were the "enemy" of women. I felt this way because it really seemed to me at the time that a lot of women actually were TRYING to make me feel bad- as if they enjoyed playing sick mental "games" on me, etc.

Have you ever felt like this? Anyway, I know I felt exactly like that, and that only led to me REINFORCING a lot of horrific ideas about women, which led me to believe in a lot of the horrifying advice of so called "dating gurus" and "pick up artists". These guys really seemed to UNDERSTAND just how bad the situation was, so I really soaked in their advice.

So all the "pick up artist" and dating guru advice is built around OVERCOMPENSATING for fear of REJECTION.

This results in behavior such as tactics designed to lower a woman's self-esteem, and tactics to make you come across as a real cocky kind of guy.

The mentality behind all this is that if YOU are the jerk first, then she is on the defensive.

However, the PROBLEM with all this is that in REALITY a woman SEES all this for what it REALLY is- and what it is, is massive insecurity.

The better the woman, and the less of a drama queen she is, the MORE EASILY she will spot this behavior for what it is. Of course, if a woman is massively low self esteem, this type of behavior might work, but low self-esteem women are the kind of women who will RUIN you faster than anything on earth, as the low self-esteem sees THREATS in everything that YOU say to her, i.e. she will feel that you don't could never really feel love for her, since she is not "desirable" (her own perception of herself) and that therefore she needs to play jealousy games on you to get your attention, etc.


You end up CREATING the reality you believe in, and if you believe all women are crazy and that you need to play sick games with them to get their attention, that is exactly the reality with women that you will create for yourself.

So let me fast forward here- the bottom line is that I finally learned, and I learned it the long, hard way, that the thing that was PREVENTING me from getting results with women was that I was actually BLIND to my own INSECURITIES.

Now, I am not ashamed to admit this. The reality is that 99% of what makes the world go round is insecurities - it's what makes all kinds of destructive products, services, and entertainment sell by the BILLIONS of dollars per year.

If it wasn't for insecurity, the economy would probably COLLAPSE - it would be a total joke compared to any issues in recent history.

Breeding infinite insecurities in men about how women feel about them is what makes entire EMPIRES thrive.

Insecurities are so powerful that they actually DISTORT your very PERCEPTION of reality, of truth, they even distort the way you see the most INNOCENT and BEAUTIFUL things on earth, and I'm not just talking about a great woman.

So the truth is, it takes a great MAN, a courageous, brave, MAN with balls the size of TITANIC, to get OVER his own insecurities.

You see, once you make the jump, you suddenly UNLEASH a TIDAL WAVE of power from within, you start to see the REAL reason that everyone does EVERYTHING, and you start to now become pretty much the equivalent of a MIND-READER.

Now, imagine you could READ a woman's MIND. Imagine you could know EXACTLY what she is feeling, fearing, wishing, hoping, wanting, and most of all, NEEDING.

Do you think this might be HELPFUL to your SUCCESS in attracting her?

Hell YES, it would be MASSIVELY helpful.

You ever hear how in martial arts, the greatest masters win before it even starts? You ever hear how there is such a thing as PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE where the battle is over before it barely begins?

It's the same thing when it comes to attracting a woman. If you master your inner game, then you will attract her INSTANTLY- it will usually SHOW within SECONDS.

But you have to truly MASTER your 'inner game'.

Without mastering this area of your life, the BEST that you will ever be able to do with women is FORCE YOURSELF to act a certain way that resembles confidence.

The problem with having to rely only on ACTING confident, rather than on truly getting OVER the internal insecurities, is that these internal issues will create ILLUSIONS that are so threatening, that you will feel that it's a MISTAKE to even ACT confident with a woman, you will feel that the best thing to do is AVOID taking action altogether.

When you perceive that a woman is trying to hurt you or that women will reject you, or that a woman will somehow cause you massive pain, then this will make you not even feel like ACTING confident or acting masculine, etc.

Telling a man to "be confident" with a woman when the woman seems threatening or a risk to our emotions, is the same like telling a man to BE STRONG and stand in the middle of a street when a huge TRUCK is roaring down the road! The idea of standing in middle of the street suddenly seems INSANE, it seems like asking for being DESTROYED.

It's the same thing with trying to be confident when in reality you feel there is a PROBLEM or possible DANGER with approaching a woman, trying to get a number, etc, etc, etc.

That's why what I will teach you has nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with just "going through motions" or learning "pick up lines" - because I know that those things AREN'T ENOUGH, and anyway without the right EMOTIONS in you, the pick up lines will fail anyway even if you delivered them a thousand times a day.

The fantastic news is that you have TRUTH and FACTS on your side. The truth is that you CAN get the woman of your dreams, and the other truth is that it's only YOU who is stopping yourself from making that happen.

Right now, it's YOU who is sabotaging yourself and you don't even realize it.

If you don't see yourself as a man who is successful with women, or with getting the kind of woman you want, then it's going to be almost IMPOSSIBLE to ever get that woman. But the good news is that you can CHANGE the way you see yourself, you can CHANGE the way you are perceiving things, so that you actually start to see the TRUTH, and that truth is that there ARE amazing women out there, and they DO want to meet you, if you could just DO THE WORK required to get RID of your insecurities.

And that is EXACTLY what I am going to show you how to do, based on the over TEN YEARS that I have been IMMERSED in this field, I am going to show you how to apply this technology on everything from approaching a woman, getting her number, getting a date, taking things to a physical level, and keeping the attraction burning for as long as you want..

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