The Purpose of Fear

Are you ready for a new perspective that will change your life?

Have you ever felt BAD under the presence of FEAR?

Well, I have great news for you- fear is actually the very BEST opportunity in life for you!!!

The ONLY way to grow is to overcome fears. If you get results in life without having to overcome any fears, then you are on very shaky ground and the moment you finally DO have a fear you will need to overcome, you will be so OVERCOME since you have no experience getting over it.

And you CAN get over EVERY fear you have.

The thing though that you have to know in advance is that you ALWAYS have a choice.

It might not always be an easy choice, but you always, always have a choice, to either give in to the fear or to resist it.

And each time you resist it and move ahead, you get stronger, and each time you give in, you get weaker.

Now, get ready for this: When you conquer whatever fear it is you have, chances are very high that a NEW fear will appear.

That is the sign that you are reaching a new level of success.

And you must EMBRACE that new fear as well and confront it with the same attitude of 'BRING IT ON'.


You have to have the attitude that you won't just get over whatever PARTICULAR fear you are dealing with at the moment, but that  you will CONFRONT AND CONQUER even a MILLION fears if they are thrown your way.

Because the truth is, that this is actually the way life usually works.

Think about it-  doesn't matter if it's Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Lance Armstrong, Albert Einstein, and COUNTLESS others.

These people didn't just get over ONE fear or obstacle, they got over MANY.

The whole thing reminds me of how when you are learning to chop a brick in karate, you actually have to think TWO FEET PAST THE BRICK when you are smashing through it.

Your mind is focused on not just making it through the brick, but WELL PAST THE BRICK.

Same thing when lifting heavy weight in the gym, you treat the weight as if it was HEAVIER than it is, you give the effort as if you were drawing up enough force to lift even MORE.  You keep the weight under proper control, of course, but your MIND is ready to accept even MORE weight if it had to.

Bill Gates not only had to market a new invention, but he had to CREATE the very MARKET itself since the type of product never even existed before for most people.  You think this personality was born overnight? Not at all.  He was already selling BOY SCOUT cookies really well as a KID.  Then he sold programs to his own HIGH SCHOOL administration to help them before most businesses were even using computers.

Stallone was born with partially paralyzed FACIAL muscles.  And he decided very early in life that he would become of all things, an ACTOR.  All along the way, he was told he would never make it, even up to the very point he wrote the script for Rocky, they didn't even want him to star in it.

You can't just have the attitude that you will get over ONE fear, you must have the attitude that you embrace ALL and ANY future fears as well.

Schwarzenegger was told his name was impossible to pronounce and that his accent would make it impossible for him to become an actor, and in fact his early films had his voice dubbed over by someone else's voice.  Do you think he figured that this was a reason to give in to fear?

Even as a bodybuilder, he lost his first major contest in the Olympia.        

Einstein FAILED in school. Then he barely escaped with his life from his country of origin. None of this made him think he should just find a rock and crawl under it and NOT revolutionize math and science as we know it.

Lance Armstrong didn't give into FEAR.  He just kept coming back to win again and again and again and again when a lot of people probably figured he was OUT and just lucky to be ALIVE.

So, FEAR and OBSTACLES are GOING to be there, the question is are you going to say "BRING IT ON!!" or are you going to HIDE UNDER A ROCK????

If there was never any new fears, there would be no reason to be here.  Fears are a way of you knowing what your next LEVEL in life is, what your next challenge is.

The FANTASTIC news is that there is a way of LEARNING how to BEST go about liberating yourself from any fears- and it's got nothing to do with hypnosis or anything like that.

I want you to experience the LIBERATION of your life - the way you were MEANT to experience LIFE all along.

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