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Romantic Pick Up Lines For Guys

The heart of a woman inspires poetry, music, and pick-up lines. And pick-up lines are like tires – they can take you places, but you’re screwed if they bust. The “sturdiest” of these metaphors are pick-up lines that tickle a woman’s heart and fancy. Romantic pick-up lines are the most recommended for these efforts.

And why romantic, over any other pick-up lines?

Answer: Women love romance. Forget the tire metaphor. The male suitor who romances the object of his affections embraces the harp of his desires for her and himself. It is with this harp – and the romantic pick-up lines we offer you below – that you’ll sing your way into her fondest feelings and affections.

Consider the following 10 romantic pick-up lines your guide to a woman’s instant fascination and her affections:

  • The world must have experienced an eclipse the day you were born, because I’ve seen nothing else like you.
  • I’m sorry, I mistook you for the North Star. Your light guided me here through the night sky.
  • Say this confidently: Audrey Hepburn, eat your heart out.
  • I am your most humble servant until you offer me the opportunity to take you on a date. Anywhere you want, anything you want to do. Just give me the chance to show you how truly special you are. (Get the phone number.)
  • My God – or should I say goddess? But I repeat myself: we have to go on a date first before I can say “my,” right? Well then, how ‘bout it?
  • Guy: Sorry, I thought you were the sun. Girl: Wait, what? Guy: Well, you do give light to everything around you. What else could you be? Follow-up: Actually, you’re more like an angel. That halo you call your hair frames your face way too perfectly for you to be anything but divine.
  • Guy: What’s your name? Girl: NAME. Guy: That’s weird, I think today is NAME Day. Doesn’t that mean I need to buy you a drink in your honor? Maybe two? Follow-up: What about dinner?
  • Say this with gravitas: Is it possible for a creature as heavenly as you to exist on our drab mortal plane? What star, what meteor, nay, what galaxy marked your descent to our mere earth?
  • What would it take for me to get you on a candlelight dinner with wine and food I prepare myself?
  • And the most romantic pick-up line in our countdown: I remember when you were born. The day stopped that day. Just like my heart is stopping right now.

When To Use Romantic Pick Up Lines

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We asked a female to write about romantic pick up lines for guys and the following is what we got (we do not recommend you follow this girls advice and you would understand why if you watch the presentation from the link above):

Romance is something that we humans are infatuated with. We can see this in almost all of our creations. In the movies we make we can see love and also in the literature that we write. Let us not forget to mention the poems that famous poets have written. If we take a better look at what romance is we will soon realize that it is something constant in our lives. We need to get it from someone and we also need to give love to someone. This is how we were built and how we can maintain our inner equilibrium! Even though everybody is looking for a date, you should know that there are a lot of people who have a really hard time finding one. This can happen because they are a little too shy for their own good or because they are more romantic than a woman would like to. If you happen to fall in the romantic category then you should know that you can hit on girls really easily by using some romantic pick up lines. Some people might be using really nice and beautiful pick up lines but others will use bad ones thinking that they are romantic. Some people just need to understand that hitting on a stranger with a ‘romantic’ pick up line about having sex is not the best way to make that person interested in you. You might want to know how to correctly use a pick up line that is really romantic.

Some of the most common romantic pick up lines are related to the physical features of the person the line is addressed to and also to her soul. When a man want to use a really romantic pick up line, he will try to compliment in a unique way a woman’s eyes, lips, hair, facial features or general body shape. Other men will go as far as to tell women that they have really beautiful souls and other complements to their spiritual side. Romantic pick up lines are really old. If you will look in old literature, you will see that a lot of writers and poets used something close to romantic pick up lines to say that certain women were ‘fair’ and ‘pure in heart and soul’. Today you can’t go to a woman and tell her what a fair maiden she is. Well, only if you want to use a medieval pick up line but those lines are outdated. You could tell a woman how beautiful she is and ask her out in a modern romantic way. Some people might say that there is no modern ways of using romantic pick up lines. Well, you should know that things haven’t changed that much. One thing is certain though, if you want to hit on a woman then don’t use romantic pick up lines on a stranger in a pub. She will surely laugh at you and call you a softie and no man wants to be made fun of by anybody in a public place. You can, however, try to hit on a woman that you have known for some time. You should only use such romantic pick up lines with a person that deserves them. First of all because it is really weird to go to a stranger and tell her all sorts of tales about how beautiful and how much you love her; and second of all because if you will use such pick up lines with somebody that you really care about you might end up together without any problems! I am not even sure if can be nice to use pick up lines that are romantic on strangers. Well, it can be right if you are instantly infatuated with that person on sight and if you really mean what you will say in the pick up line. But the best way to use such a pick up line is with somebody that knows you and who you know as well. This way, you can rule out from the beginning any suspicions a woman might have. She might think that you only want to take advantage of her but if she knows you then she will surely accept the romantic pick up line you used on her. 

If you are a romantic man then you will know who to address your romantic lines to. You will surely not choose to tell some random woman in a bar how much you love her because her eyes speak to your soul. You will do this with a woman that you wanted to get together with for some time and who knows, she may not call you a freak if you will tell her your romantic pick up line.