The Secret To Attractive
Body Language

How's your body language?

Besides being able to escalate, I'd say the second most important factor in your game is body language. Unless you carry a body-length mirror around with you, you're probably not aware of how you look to others. This is why we don't advocate specific body language techniques.

Even if you're doing a certain technique properly, for example, spreading your arms out, or standing up straight, or leaning against a wall to look "cool," you may be doing it with the wrong energy. You see, good body language is not about a specific stance or "look." It's about the energy behind it. For example, you can stick your chest out because you want to look confident, or because you FEEL confident. These two energies are OPPOSITES. And women can pick up on your energy. If you are TRYING TO HAVE GOOD BODY LANGUAGE, I guarantee you DON'T. In fact, the more effort you make to have good body language, the worse it will be - you will come across as nervous and self-conscious. Women have finely-tuned radar to pick up on this, because it says WAY MORE about a guy than anything he could say with his mouth. That's why real game is almost impossible to fake - women are wired to pick up on "fakery." For thousands of years, women had too much at stake to be duped by an insecure guy trying to look confident. If they mated with the wrong guy, they were screwed - literally!

Body language is one of the hardest things to fix on your own, simply because you can't SEE YOURSELF all the time. It's the primary thing we focus on in our approaching drills during workshops. Most guys have BAD HABITS when it comes to their posture, movement, eye contact, and pace at which they move and talk. And it's the culmination of all these PHYSICAL expressions that give a woman an overall impression of who you are inside. It's who you are inside that actually causes women to become attracted to you. Sure a cool shirt, good looks, and other purely visual cues can help. But ultimately it's HOW A MAN THINKS that attracts women to him. Women can tell where your attention is at. Not because they are mind readers. They are just extremely perceptive of men's non-verbal cues. So maybe she doesn't know exactly what your thoughts are...but she can tell if you're nervous. And this conveys that you a) place her on a pedestal relative to yourself, and b) you want her approval. This is very weak and unattractive to women.

Ask yourself this - have you ever been in a situation where someone was supposed to be in control - maybe an authority figure or someone who was supposed to be an "expert" - and this person was tense, fidgety, and spoke fast and quiet. You probably lost a lot of respect for him or her, and didn't give a lot of credence to what they said. Now for women, respect and attraction are almost synonymous. A woman can only be attracted to a man she RESPECTS. In fact, the feeling you have for a man you respect is the same feeling a woman feels when she's attracted to a man, only she also feels a biological drive to have sex with him - there's a physical response added to this "respect."

So how do you get someone to respect you? Well we all know guys who are complete morons, but they garner respect – people look to them as an authority or leader.


Because of their non-verbal cues. You see, these non-verbal cues SAY THINGS about the guy that you can't directly observe. A guy with calm, confident body language, a loud, slow voice, and strong eye contact is in-effect saying "I know what I'm doing. I'm in control. You can relax and trust me to lead you." Think about how powerful that message is to ANYBODY - let alone to a woman.

Now there's good news and bad news. The bad news - you can't fake it. Women can tell, because there will be one small behavior you're not aware of that will give you away. Maybe you will jerk your head too fast, or lean over a little too much, or stand with your feet to close together, or TOO FAR APART!  Yup, she can tell if you're overcompensating, or hiding yourself out of fear (nervousness). And this says, "I don't know what I'm doing. You're more important than me. I'm trying to look confident because I want you to like me and GIVE ME SEX."

Bad bad bad.

And NO MATTER HOW SMOOTH your conversational skills are, you will fall flat.
 This can lead to a lot of frustration with guys who have worked really hard to be great conversationalists, and have memorized all kinds of lines and techniques. They are still hitting a brick wall and CONTINUING TO STRUGGLE, because they
have bad body language.

In fact, having good conversation skills with bad body language will actually make things worse, because the woman will simply think you're REALLY GOOD AT FAKING. She won't trust you. This accounts for a lot of the flaking that women do with men. They hear his smooth words, but see shaky body language, and immediately don't trust him.

You have to be congruent. And this brings me to the GOOD NEWS. Women ALWAYS believe body language. So if you really are confident and FOCUSED ON the RIGHT STUFF, you're body language will naturally handle itself. And she will be attracted to you. It's that easy. Focus on the right stuff and you're body language will align accordingly. She will infer what's going on inside you - your confidence, your attitude and energy, and she will instantly feel attraction.

This is why we, ahem, focus on FOCUS so much in our programs and products. In the Pandoras Box, I reveal the SECRETS to cultivating a powerful, dominant focus. It's the most important thing, because A POWERFUL FOCUS NATURALLY LEADS TO A GOOD STATE, AND ATTRACTIVE BEHAVIOR. And this behavior will always be congruent - your whole being will be aligned - because it stems from your core, who you really are!

If you are hitting a brick wall, despite the fact that you've read all the pickup theory out there, and have hundreds of approaches under your belt, you most likely have a body language problem. And this is grounded in a FOCUS PROBLEM. Get it handled here:

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