A Sick Intuition

There's a really important letter I'm going to share with you, and it's all about how women can sense, can SNIFF out your level of GUT LEVEL CONVICITON IN YOUR WORTH, in a SPLIT SECOND.

It's also going to show you the WAY to get that confidence, AND show you what you should BEWARE of, to stay away from the things that will destroy your confidence.

Here we go:


"Hey Michael,

I hope everything is well with you. I have a few things I wanna say real quick. First of all, I want to personally than you for all the hard work and dedication you have put into your research and products. They are absolutely life changing and I cnnot thank you enough.

Its really weird sometimes. I started initially Googling online "how to get your ex girlfriend back" after my ex girlfriend broke up with me. We were engaged to be married, lived together etc. It hurt so bad and I really had no idea what to do.

I somehow came across your products several times on different websites. It started out with your letters, field reports, whatever you want to call them. The odd thing is, when I would read them, I would nod my head in amazement and agreement. I ordered your ebook and read it. To be honest, for some reason, it did not have a huge impact on me. Even though I agreed with everything you said, I still found myself reading the books and programs of other "pick up artists's" .

Every once in awhile I would come back to you. Then I would always forget and go back to whoever the new number 1 pick up artist in the world was that week. I was obsessed with being able to get every girl. Somehow it never occurred to me that looking for validation from every girl in the world was exactly m problem in the first place.

Long story short, I took the hard road and tried out every single program, ebook, "system" etc out there, it would work here and there on certain types of girl at the bars, but I still wasnt happy.

I still wanted my ex girlfriend back, as to give the impression my entire being of happiness balanced on whether or not she wanted me back, or who she was dating, sleeping with, etc. I had finally hit rock bottom.

I was completely miserable ad still obsessed with this girl who in reality treated me like absolute dog sh*t.

I never realized the exact thing I thought I wanted so badly was the exact thing that was keeping me from being happy. There wasn't any tactic I needed to learn or do, as it turns out, what I needed was an entire shift in my thinking and beliefs, more importantly how I treated myself and how I allowed others to treat me.

The sick thing is, I used to think and behave in this way before I met my ex girlfriend. I was confident and good with girls but my thinking was it was all about looks.

I'm an above average looking guy, but just so people don't think its all about looks I am relatively short at 5'8 and I was born with only one hand. Even though I never in my life used it as an excuse or allowed it to hold me back from anything ( I've been playing guitar for 15 years, am very atheletic, even to the point where I had college baseball scouts looking at me for baseball when I was only 14).

I'm not trying to brag or show off by any means, just proving the point that its not all about looks. Yet somehow, even though I used to be fairly successful with women, I let my ex girlfriend completely turn me around. I no longer blame her, as I understand she unfortunately has low self esteem and is probably just as confused as most girls, I wish her all the best with her life.

It took me a year and a half to finally make progress in getting over her. Like I said before, I read your letters, ebook etc, yet somehow it never really sunk in and I kept taking the advice of the pick up artists with their fear tactics of telling you how they can get any girl to cheat on their boyfriends, one night stands and whatever else they are peddling these days.

All of them are anti relationship because all of them were burned or hurt by a girl and they don't truly understand female psychology or human emotions.

They hit around being on the right track, and some of them are close, but no cigar. If they truly understood human emotions and female psychology, they would know that most girls do want a relationship, they are just confused with what society shoves in their face.

This is coming from someone who took the long road and tried every pick up artist system and tactic out there. They don't really work as well as they give the impression that they do. Trust me. What I needed and what most guys need is a complete overhaul.

So I read your E-Book, even read your latest book, Get A Great Girl. Again I agreed with it all. But somehow none of it sunk in or maybe I was just too stubborn or hardheaded to really let it sink in.

Then one day, I was sitting at work and saw my ex girlfriend with her new boyfriend. I was devastated. I think I might have actually cried. I knew the guy was a tool and I knew he would cheat on her and I just didn't understand why she would want him instead of me.

I was angry, frustrated, depressed..I gave up. I stopped caring about almost everything, totally heartbroken.

I remember even praying that if there was really a god, that he do one thing for me and just not let me wake up in the morning.  I was that pathetic. Luckily, I befriended this guy at work through talking about girls, ex gf's and the like. I explained my entire situation to him after him asking me why every time he saw me I looked like I either wanted to kill someone or like I was about to burst out in tears at any time.

Somehow through it all...he brought you up. He asked me not to say anything to anyone, but started telling me how he had been in a similar situation and had bought your mastery series program. He kindly gave it to me, as he said he no longer needed it.

I was completely blown away. Everything i had been looking for, every explanation, every missing link that was keeping me from understanding it all was in this CD set.

I couldn't believe how much time I could have saved by getting more involved in your materials then all the time and money I wasted on all the other garbage out there.

This is not a shameless plug. In fact, I didn't write this with the intention of it being posted. I just wanted to take the time and give you a personal thank you for completely changing my life for the better. If I hadn't been given this CD set, I don't know what I would have done or what would have happened to me.

Even though it has now been close to a year since this has happened and I don't know why it has taken me so long to write this to you, its still scary to look back and think about the situation I was in. I hope no one ever has to go through that.

So as I said before, it has been a year since the CD series changed my life. I am still going strong and better than ever. I went on to re-read Get A Great Girl and it gave me the extra little boost I needed to truly find what I was looking for.

The choice I have with women now is amazing. Not only that, but it has had a massive impact on every facet of my life. Get a Great Girl is indeed a great little book that really shows you the truth about dating and the pick up community.

I wish I had saved myself the time and heartache by absorbing what was actually in it. I've had a few girlfriends since then, dated many girls, and my confidence is out of this world. I'm still looking for that truly great girl, but I know now when I find her, what to do. The funny thing is, since then, my ex girlfriend, the girl I wanted back so desperately bad, the girl who was my whole world, finally came back.

Its like they have a sick intuition, they can feel when they truly have lost you and only then do they suddenly want you back and realize "how amazing you were" and "how they cant live without you". The biggest mistake she ever made she now says.

Unfortunately, for her, I will never be going back again. But like I said I do wish her the best. By the way, the guy she was dating that made me so upset, as I had known, did in fact cheat on her.

I say this not to be spiteful, but to remind guys who are actually good, to never let yourself feel like you are less than guys like this. You are the rare commodity that girls want, not them.

Anyway this letter is HUGE, so I'll wrap it up. Like I said, I just wanted to personally thank you for all you have done for me through your research and dedication.

You have truly changed my life for the better for the rest of it. I cannot tell you how much i appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I know many other guys do as well.

I do have one quick question. As I stated in the letter, I already have the CD series as it was given to me. However, I understand there is a workbook that comes with it and unfortunately I lost touch with the friend who gave it to me. Is there any copies of it available for purchase?

In closing, I'm sure I speak for many men when I say thank you, we appreciate all you have done for us.

Jack T.
California, USA



Your letter is so packed with lessons, it can be a university degree in itself, so first of all let me say thank you for that letter which will be helpful to so many men around the world, and of course thank you for the kind words as well.

And regarding the work book that comes with the CD Set, all you have to do is cover the postage and printing, and I'll send it out to you- your letter has been very valuable to everyone I'm sure, and I believe in giving value back when it's given to you.

Let's get straight to the lessons: You are absolutely RIGHT in that success is about a complete SHIFT in the whole way of thinking and looking and FEELING about this topic of attraction and women.

99% of what the "seduction community" focuses on is how to simply ask for very LITTLE from a woman, i.e. by showing you DON'T care about relationships, by showing that you do NOT want to talk much, by making yourself very "hard to get", etc, etc.

But if you are looking for a QUALITY woman, and a real relationship, you MUST be with a woman who DOES very much want those things IN AND OF THEMSELVES, independent of who YOU or any other guy is.

If a woman is a party girl, or if she has more issues than Time magazine, it doesn't MATTER how "hard to get" you are, she will NOT suddenly become a girl that is good for a relationship just because you used pick up artist tactics or whatever other scams or craziness is out there.

ATTRACTION is actually NOT enough. A woman can't change her personality or values for anyone - she must UNDERSTAND the MEANING of those values, and in today's culture and society, that is not such a simple thing.

I think it's awesome that you FULLY see and understand this now. The "seduction community" will always be a billion light years behind on this issue, because the very NATURE of that community is superficial, so the very DNA structure of its thought processes are damaged, and as such, the only product of that can be "Frankenstein" style creations, including the relationships that spring forth from that source of thinking and behaving.

In order to attract a fantastic woman with great values who truly appreciates what it means to be in a meaningful long-term relationship that becomes richer in depth every day, even the hard days, will be REPELLED by a man who is weak in his conviction in goodness.

And ALL women can sense if you would be willing to sell your principles in order to be with them, and it's always unattractive.  And it's ALWAYS more attractive to a woman when she knows that even SHE could never make you sway from your values, if they are good ones.

This is the sick intuition you mention, and yes, it is kind of sick, because it ONLY kicks in when it's too late, but at the same time, it makes sense, because ONLY then can they see and learn that yes, there really IS value in your belief.

It's kind of like having a check, but having no money to back it up, so it will bounce, and it's worthless, even worse than worthless.  So when you have principles, they are only worth something if you are willing to cash that check, if you truly have what it takes to BACK IT UP. 

THEN you become congruent, and that congruency shows in a billion subtle details of your behaviors and mannerisms that might be impossible to notice CONSCIOUSLY, but a woman SUBCONSCIOUSLY experiences them ALL on a COLOSSAL level.

The difference between women in how they react to this congruency on your part is that a woman who doesn't have the right values will KNOW IMMEDIATELY not to waste your time or her time trying to be with you because you would never tolerate her bullshit, and a good woman will INSTANTLY warm up to you knowing that you are indeed a man among men.


If a woman does not share your values, then THANK GOD she is with someone else, let her sleep with the ENTIRE PLANET as long as she stays away from  YOU.

And of course, as you actually saw in real life, it's NOT the entire planet she really wanted, it was YOU, but she wasn't ready for that, she needed to learn the hard way, and that doesn't impress you, nor should  it.

I do like the fact though that you are not bitter at her and that you wish her the best, this is the attitude that comes from a man who is not in pain anymore, so he doesn't want to inflict pain on others.  And for that, I congratulate you for moving to the next level, you are truly now ready for a genuine quality woman.

But never forget that your happiness does not balance on any woman's approval, although I do believe that overall in life, being with a quality woman simply improves EVERYTHING and is a major component of life- it's just not something to sacrifice your principles for in order to take the "short cut" route of getting women, because those short cuts will end up attracting the wrong women and causing you far more misery than happiness.

It's also very valuable that you shared with everyone the fact that this is not all about looks, and that you indeed DID attract plenty of women BEFORE this woman, but then through the process of a relationship, you slowly gave over the power over your self-esteem to her, which is something I understand and made the error of doing several times as well years ago.

By the way, as you say, the endless talk by the "seduction community" on getting women to cheat on their boyfriends is poisonous, because it creates a feeling that all women are horrific cheaters, when in reality it is THIS TYPE OF COMMUNITY THAT FOCUSES and obsesses on getting women into bed, on doing it fast, and on doing it as frequently as possible.

So, with this emphasis on speed, on quantity, and on the superficial in general, OF COURSE the women who respond most to that would be the women with the absolute lowest morals on the planet.

And, by immersing themselves in that environment, they subconsciously take on those very mannerisms that attract more and more of those kinds of women.

Then, add to that the fact that so many women have WEAK morals, just as so many MEN do as well, in fact if more men had better morals then fewer women would engage in this behavior in the first place.

But the reality is that winners are the FEW, the ELITE.

You don't want to get ALL the women, you want to get the RIGHT woman.

You don't want to be like MOST guys, you want to be the BEST.

When I started this whole Get A Great Girl thing, I knew I would never reach the masses of millions, and that's perfectly fine- my goal is to reach the men out there who KNOW they were born to be something MORE than ordinary, and who want to live EXTRAORDINARY lives, with EXTRAORDINARY women as well.

Civilizations and human history was not shaped by the masses, it was actually shaped by just a handful of exceptional people, so if you're reading this, you're in pretty good company.

Great women are looking for men who are LEADERS and who have MASSIVE conviction in their beliefs, men who RAISE the standard rather than just do whatever everyone else is doing.

Your words of "I remember even praying that if there was really a god, that he do one thing for me and just not let me wake up in the morning" do not fall on deaf ears, and you are not alone. The good news is that you have become STRONGER from all this, because NOW, you are healed and WOULD NEVER have that situation happen to you again, because you will SEE it from a million miles away, from what you have learned and developed, you will DETECT and ATTRACT a quality woman when you do meet her- and if you keep open eyes and ears, you WILL meet her, and know EXACTLY what to do.

And yes, you have tons of choice now with women, but you are looking for the one for you, so don't rush it- do it right.

And if you are reading this right now, are you prepared to meet and attract the kind of quality woman that 99% of men will NEVER attract?

Do you want to finally take the kind of action that will SAVE you time, what would otherwise take YEARS and maybe even FOREVER if you try to learn it all by trial and error?

If you are SERIOUS about meeting and attracting the kind of quality woman for something that LASTS and ENRICHES your life, then I suggest you take advantage of these resources: The first thing to do is get my book, Get A Great Girl.

Till next time,


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