The Warrior Within

Today, I'd like to help you tap into your "INNER GAME", which is another word for your internal strength of emotional state and your ability to enter the right states of mind at the right moment.

The truth is that inner game is the most important part of your development, and it's the secret that enables you to do incredible at not only pick-up without using memorized pick up lines, but it also helps you at every stage of an interaction including even  relationships.

The best part of all this is that it's not a game. It's the real you.

Women will respect this development and be attracted to you because they simply can't NOT be attracted to it. It's too rare, too precious, too liberating and empowering even just to WITNESS somebody like this, for anyone to be able to IGNORE it.

The irony of course though is that you  can't really do this just to get a woman, as that in itself is kind of weak.

The FIRST thing to become aware of is all the TRASH in your mind that is holding you back from being as powerful as you can be.

99% of this trash is all FEAR based.

And the craziest part of all, is that 99% of these fears are ABSURD.

We've just become so damn good at brainwashing ourselves that these fears are IMPORTANT.

For example, when you see a woman you'd like to talk to, and you don't approach her, it's not because you are going to go to jail if you talk to her.

And you don't avoid her because you think she will attack you, or hurt you.

The biggest reason for avoidance is to avoid  having our EGO damaged.

We don't want to RISK damaging something  that doesn't even EXIST.

Our ego is our own ARTIFICIAL CREATION.

We create it, and we arbitrarily decide what's good for it, and what's bad for it. As if we KNOW what's good for us.

But the truth is, the BEST thing you can do is banish that ego, because all it does is set up limiting options for your life, because you won't do anything that might damage that ego. And that means you won't ever GROW as a person, and worst of all, you will never be free of fear.

Because you will always be living with the fear of "what if something comes along that might damage might ego?""

But if you throw your ego out, then you can EMBRACE whatever the hell you need to do to grow and learn.

This is why it's actually good to NOT get fantastic success with women right away, because if you never "fail", then you will  be TERRIFIED of it happening, as you have no clue what it might be like, and your imagination will make it far worse than it is.

Life is nothing but a bunch of short moments. None of these moments is something to be afraid of, but we arbitrarily decide to create FEARS based on our own artificial GROUPING of moments. So for example, seeing a beautiful woman is not a thing to fear.

It's actually pretty cool, right? Okay, now, walking UP to a woman is also nothing to fear, you do this all the time without even THINKING about it, let's say if she happens to be on the bus or train or whatever and you are walking past her. Or if you are in a crowd, and you don't even notice her there.

So, clearly walking near or up to a woman is nothing to fear.

Now, TALKING to woman who is beautiful is nothing to fear either. We do it all the time and think nothing of it if it's not about doing an actual "pick-up".

It all only becomes a problem or FEAR when we attach EGO to it. So we decide to make it a fear when we want to get her APPROVAL of our own worth.

We think, "Damn, if only she would LIKE me, then things would be AWESOME!"

Then I would feel GREAT!

Now, this actually isn't true though, it's actually YOU allowing YOURSELF to feel that way, but you are only giving yourself permission to feel this if SHE says you are great, or desirable, etc.

Do you see how we are the ones making the problem? We are the ones creating the pain?

And the truth is, how do you explain the stars in Hollywood who have all the  most beautiful women, and yet who are all depressed and end up in rehab or  worse, committing suicide or destroying themselves in other ways?

Do you think these people are somehow DIFFERENT? They are the same like anyone else, and the truth is that no THING brings any emotion to anyone unless we ALLOW it. As soon as you get the thing you thing will bring you happiness, the moment lasts for a brief moment, and then it's GONE, and you start to feel a LACK again--unless you start looking at the JOURNEYS OF LIFE as the actual joy and not the destination.

Sure, enjoy the destination when you are there, but realize it's the journey that's the bigger deal. This is why the coolest people constantly challenge themselves with new cool things.

But we ALLOW this thing called EGO to TAKE OVER and all it does is try to CONTROL everything so that it doesn't get hurt- and yet THIS is what causes us all the pain. So it avoids challenges and avoids any potential ego risk.

And yet here's the thing- if you can just FORGET about what you can GET from a woman, including even just her approval, and you instead just live in the MOMENT, and stop focusing on the past pain, and stop thinking about how GOOD things would be in the FUTURE if you "just had her", you would do SOOOOOO much better in the actual pick up with her!

The reason for this, is because your mind and emotions are INFINITELY powerful when they are not being driven in opposite directions.

Your mind is the most UPDATED model of a SUPER POWERFUL tool that has helped  your ancestors come up with all kinds of  brilliant ways to triumph against challenges like hunger, horrible weather, traveling  across wild oceans, surviving life amongst  dangerous beasts and animals, surviving  against enemies, a mind that has been  resourceful enough to come up with creative ways to also win friends and allies and to attract a female mate to continue your genes from generation generation.

The thing is, this mind that is more  sophisticated than the greatest computer gets all JAMMED and screwed up when it's being given OPPOSITE messages- i.e. GET THAT GIRL, vs. DON'T GET YOUR EGO HURT!

It's like having your foot on the brake and the accelerator at the same time.

So how do you get rid of all these ego-based FEARS?

Well, one powerful thing you can do is to learn to STOP thinking about anything other than the MOMENT.

This doesn't mean to start acting like an impulsive idiot, what it means is to start focusing on the PRESENT and to stop doing things out of the PAIN of the PAST, and to stop doing things for some type of FUTURE "NIRVANA".

The truth is that the past doesn't exist, the future doesn't exist, they are only in your MIND, and also NO "THING" will bring you some type of 'NIRVANA', however the JOURNEY is what is the JOY in things. So learning to enjoy the PROCESS is what will make your entire LIFE meaningful and rewarding.

So when you see a woman you like,  let THAT in itself be the motivation to just TALK to her, stop thinking  what it will LEAD to, because that is the FUTURE, and thinking about things other than the present will only DETRACT from your ability to DEAL with the present.

And the whole POINT of this training of your mind, is to realize anyway that there is no such thing as the past or future, and that the joy is in the MOMENT.

Of course, by being in the PRESENT, you will chat with her in a way that SHOWS you are in the PRESENT. You will, for example, take note of the MOMENT, and make a comment that is IN THE PRESENT. She, in turn, will respond by being in the moment-  for example, if you are both at the supermarket counter line-up, and it's taking forever for the person at the front to find his wallet, cash, or coupon, etc, and you say "I'm so hungry, I think I'll eat this loaf of bread right here and pay for it when I get up to the front" the woman will SENSE that you are in the present and it will disarm her.

She will not feel the need to resist you, because there is nothing TO resist, you are simply being in the PRESENT, which is exactly where you ALL are.

And, more importantly, because you are not worried about the past or future, your DELIVERY of these words will show in your voice, your body language, your expression on your face a certain type of strength, a certain type of humor that also shows you are secure and that you are not so fragile that you need to be so serious about everything, that it will CHARM her.

This is just a TINY SPECK of the MASSIVE POWER that exists by tapping  into the skill of being in the PRESENT.

And let me ask you something: Even if this DOESN'T lead to always getting her in BED with you, you know for SURE that this INCREASES YOUR CHANCES ABOUT A BILLION TIMES MORE with women in general by adopting this attitude than by being focused on anything EXCEPT the present.

If you start thinking too much about the future and past, you will come up with a BILLION reasons NOT to take action, your ego will start interfering with things, and you will also sound WAY WORSE when you do finally decide to take action, because you will be emotionally coming from a place of confusion and that weakness will be conveyed in your every subtlety, from your voice, to your mannerisms, to your smile or lack of it.

When you can finally let GO of your EGO and let go of anything but the PRESENT, you will start to see a friggen whole other UNIVERSE open up for you, and you are going to have more women, of higher quality as well, than you will possibly have time for. I mean this, every word, it's not an exaggeration.

Your ego is like a EMOTIONAL POLLUTION MAGNET for your mind - it stores all kinds of emotional TRASH that does NOTHING for you. It's a tricky sucker, because it makes you think it's protecting you,  it makes you think it IS you, it makes you think that you are your current emotions or thoughts even if they are totally destructive and negative and weak.

And it makes you think that the REWARD is in the destination, rather than in the  PROCESS and in the ATTITUDE.

Here's a great exercise for you: Next time you see a woman you'd like to chat to, see how much INSPIRATION YOU CAN PACK INTO THE MOMENTS YOU SPEND TALKING TO HER.

I PROMISE YOU, that there is magnificence in every single thing that you currently think is MUNDANE or BORING.

I don't care if you are in the line at the supermarket, or if you are on the bus and she is reading the newspaper, there is something AWESOME or FUNNY or INSPIRING or BEAUTIFUL in it.

Don't let the brainwashed world turn YOU into a brainwashed person who is zombie with his most empowering and awesome emotions turned off.

The trick is to be in the PRESENT. The reason you find it hard to "come up" with cool stuff to say is because you are trying to be PERFECT, because you don't want to fail. Trust me, I understand this, I'm human and once in a rare while, this happens to me too, even after training for years. But if it happens, it's only because I've let myself get wrapped up in something other than the MOMENT.

So the trick is to work into your life a way of BREAKING this habit.

For years, I used to every morning and  every night go out and pour cold water buckets over me, and it TOTALLY got me out of "thinking" state and into BEING IN THE MOMENT!!!!!

The name of that moment is  "WHOAHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

You may want to try this, after consulting with your doctor, or you can come up with something equally state-changing.

One final message I want to say is that PERSPECTIVE is your greatest friend.

So often, the greatest PAIN we experience is also the ONLY thing that allows us to truly LEARN and to GROW.

Think about it- how often did you ONLY learn a great lesson the HARD WAY?

This is why the guys who get the greatest success are usually the guys who had the greatest amount of "failures"- so it starts to make you realize that actually "failures" are the only way to learn the MOST.

So is it really failure, if failure is the ONLY way to great success? It's actually pretty
CRAZY that we live in a society that  calls "not getting what you want" as  "failure" when it REALLY should be  called ONE MASSIVE STEP CLOSER  TO SUCCESS.

Chances are, that if you really suffer "failure", you are ready to LEARN from it.
And regarding PERSPECTIVE, I want you to start letting go of any HATE AND PAIN that you are storing inside of you regarding ANY woman who has EVER hurt you.

This was the hardest thing for me to do, and once I did this, I started to TAKE OFF.

And guess what, those people who hurt you, very often are the ones who actually need the love the most. So of course if you are  being abused by any woman, then you should
get the HELL out of there, but there's no  reason to let this person bring YOU down by making you have to carry all that negativity with you for life. And when you realize that these people who hurt others are the ones who are hurting the most, it's much easier to LET GO of those negative emotions.

Again, it's the EGO and it's being in the PAST or the FUTURE that holds us back. All these things don't even EXIST, and they hold us back from the only thing that DOES exist- the PRESENT.

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