Avoid Awkward Silences
Without Pick Up Lines

Imagine getting rid of ALL awkward pauses or silences with women...

Imagine saying exactly the right thing, at exactly the right time. Without "planning" it out, using pick up lines or stumbling over your words...

Imagine saying a few simple sentences, and then the woman you're talking to laughs, touches you on the arm and looks deep into your eyes...

Now let me ask you a question: If talking to women was as easy as talking to your friends... wouldn't you do it more often?

And if you did, don't you think you'd get more dates... more girlfriends... more phone numbers... more sex?

Of course you would!

So if your nerves around women are the only thing holding you back and keeping you single...

… Then it's about time you got rid of them, for good.

Here's how we're going to get rid of your "conversational anxiety" once and for all:

Talking to women is actually pretty simple. You don't need to say anything "impressive" at all.

You simply need to talk to her the way women talk to each other. Not about boring topics like shopping, or any kind of gossip...

… You simply need to do the same TYPE of talking. Which is easier than thinking about what you're going to say.

My friend Julian is a master at this type of "talking to women like women talk to each other." And he's used this type of talking to date HUNDREDS of women...

… He even went on a date with Natalie Portman once!

He can teach you (without any need for pick up lines):

* HOW TO ERASE AWKWARD SILENCES FOR GOOD – Including a few tricks for turning that silence around, to your advantage!

* HOW TO TALK WOMEN INTO BED – Words alone don't make women horny, but add this other element and she'll beg you to rip off her clothes...

simple as following this three step formula...

… And more. He's been successful with women for almost thirty years now. So he's got a lot to share.

In fact, all of my friends are pretty damn good with women. What's strange about my friends is they all know WHY they're good with women, too.

So they can share this advice with people like you and me.

To help you out, I sat down with all of my friends for a weekend in New York City. And I picked their brains clean in front of a studio audience.

We recorded the tapes, and I'd like you to check them out. All you gotta do is check out the following url for more information:

Ask Her These 3 Questions... And You'll Get Her, Every Time!