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Dirty Pick Up Lines For Guys

Traditionally, the belief that women desire only romance, flowers, and chocolates permeates our culture as deeply as the notion that men must present themselves carefully and respectably.

But that’s half the truth. The other half is that women – despite what they may say – love an arrogant, raucous asshole. That’s right: an asshole. Ever heard of Mr. Darcy? Just ask a woman. Why else would so many women fall for men who are so disreputable, arrogant, full of themselves, and easy with words? With that in mind, we are pleased to present the top 10 dirtiest pick-up lines guaranteed to earn a suitor one hell of a slap – on the face, and then on the ass.

A word to the idiots who would take what follows wrongly: arrogance does not mean criminal misconduct, menace, or anything that even remotely resembles sexual assault. PickUpLines4Guys.com is not responsible for your stupidity or your misconduct, and by making this statement hereby dissolves any legal culpability or responsibility for your behavior, perceived or otherwise. Consider this your warning to behave wisely when using these pick-up lines.

Consider the following 15 dirtiest pick-up lines your guide to a woman’s instant fascination:

  • You must have a mirror in your pants… Because I see my face in them!
  • I saw you and wanted to tell you that I want to have sex with you.
  • Were you ever in gymnastics? You look like you’re really flexible.
  • Have you ever read the note in a fortune cookie and said “in bed” afterwards? Well, I think I’m the fortune your cookie needs… in bed.
  • Do you ever think that a prince and Disney princess ever got it on? Would you like to see what it’s like? Follow-up: I know, I know, I can be a real Beast.
  • So which Disney princess are you? I’m guessing you’re probably Ariel. I don’t smell fish but I definitely see tail! (Word of caution: This one can get you slapped.)
  • What does it take for a guy to get laid around here? Follow-up – introduce yourself.
  • You’re Catwoman, right? Follow-up: I have an itch that kitty can scratch.
  • For Harry Potter fans: I’ll Harry your Hermione any day. I’ll even use my wand!
  • And the top pick-up line in our countdown: So what would it take to get you in bed with me? Follow-up: At least let me buy you a drink.

When To Use Dirty Pick Up Lines

If you intend to use dirty pick up lines on women I'd like to introduce you to a neat simple trick on women that eliminates rejection and turns them on. I'll share them with you in the following video presentation...

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We asked a female to write about dirty pick up lines for guys and the following is what we got (we do not recommend you follow this girls advice and you would understand why if you watch the presentation from the link above):

These days, pick up lines are used by lots of people. Obviously, the ones who use them the most are men, usually younger ones. Pick up lines are destined to get women charmed much easier than in the classic, ‘let’s get to know each other’ way. While some men think of pick up lines as funny ways to get a girl’s attention, others realize just how stupid some of them are, and use them for their own amusement.

Dirty pick up lines are however, a very controversial subject. The reason for this is the fact that most ladies who hear guys saying such pick up lines are usually disgusted. This is normal, since dirty pick up lines can be really straight forward, oftentimes too bold for some women to handle. Men who use such pick up lines usually don’t think that they can actually offend some ladies with their learned by heart lines. However, women don’t respond too well to pick up lines in general, especially to dirty ones. If you’re a guy and you thought that you could get lucky tonight by throwing some random pick up line to a cute girl you just met, then you can say goodbye to her forever.

Dirty pick up lines are always related to sex. This is why nobody should find it amazing that men who use such lines will probably be rejected from the start. No normal woman will feel flattered by hearing that a man only wants her for her body. Even so, there are women with a good sense of humor, who although will probably not agree to go out with a man who tries to charm them with a dirty pick up line, they will at least have a good laugh and congratulate him for the ‘originality’. Dirty pick up lines will oftentimes have animal references such as ‘pussy’ and ‘cock’ that have obvious connotations in dirty talk. It is amazing to notice how some people manage to create such pick up lines, making them actual jokes sometimes. In such lines, all sorts of tools, animals, materials and actions can become characters, such as screwing, slamming, snakes and gardens. You never know what else can be used in such lines, because guys come out with new ones all the time. Most of the objects and actions have hidden meanings, but they are really easy to recognize. Most of them refer to the actual sexual intercourse while other refers to different female and male body parts.

While many of these pick up lines are really gross and repulsing, there are a few that ladies can find actually cute, as long as they are not so bold. Usually, dirty pick up lines can be really fun to use when you’re already in a couple. Of course, you should only try this if your girlfriend has a sense of humor and knows how to reply to your dirty advances to her, because this way, things can be really amusing. Using such lines among friends is always a reason for a good laugh, especially if you start telling them how you tried to pick up a woman with those lines.

All in all, it is simply a matter of common sense to realize that you won’t get very far with dirty pick up lines. You will either be called a jerk or you will even have high chances of getting slapped. Ladies don’t like it when you practically tell them to their faces that they don’t mean much to you and that sex is all you want. Most dirty pick up lines show ladies that you are much more interested in spreading their legs than in getting to know them. It is a known fact that women are much more interested in steady relationships; they need partners to be more fascinated about their brains, soul and personality rather than in their ‘rack’. If you really are interested in showing a woman that you really appreciate her, it shouldn’t always have sexual connotations, because one time may be funny, but one too many times can start to be annoying and offensive. It’s always better to appreciate a little bit of everything you find nice about her. It’s ideal if you don’t always give her compliments about how amazing legs she has and try to see something more in her, such as her kindness or her originality. In most cases, you will only manage to pick up girls with dirty pick up lines if you really know how to get back on track after saying them and be sweet and charming in the next few seconds. Other than that, you will fail and all women you try this on will simply consider you a pervert. Although good for laughs, dirty pick up lines are not good ways of starting a relationship, so if this is your goal, you can forget about them.