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Hilarious Pick Up Lines For Guys

The X-Files maintained that the truth is out there, but we’re offering the truth right here: women love funny guys. It’s no secret, and there’s no complex theory or formula as to why this is the case.

The truth is that women usually bear quite a bit in their daily routine. Our culture places a premium on their maternal instincts. Combine this with the obligations of a career and routine, and you have the potential for an extremely stressed woman.

As with anyone, humor takes a load off – and makes a male suitor go from “another fish in the sea” to “Moby Dick” in the most flattering way possible.

Consider the following 10 hilarious pick-up lines your guide to a woman’s instant fascination and laughter-induced delirium:

  • I saw you and I wanted to say hi or hello, but I had to collect my jaw first. It was totally on the ground.
  • Guy: What was it like? Girl: What do you mean? Guy: Falling from heaven. Must’ve killed your back. Follow-up: If it helps, I could massage it for you.
  • Leonardo and Michelangelo couldn’t do you justice. Neither could Raphael or Donatello. Maybe Splinter could? If so, could we call me Splinter?
  • Can you tell me where you got your jeans? No, I mean the ones your parents gave you.
  • If you allowed me to take you on a date, I’d show you the constellation that most resembles you. I think it’s that one really hot constellation all the ancient Greeks worshipped.
  • I think I fell down a hole and wound up in Wonderland, because you’re too wonderful to be true.
  • Mmmm, girl, I’d be the Sonny to your Cher any day.
  • How many times did the magic mirror have to tell you that you’re the fairest of them all? I would’ve told you just once… so can I be your new mirror?
  • Excuse me? Hello, can someone help me! My heart stopped beating! I took a look at this girl and I can’t breathe anymore! Can someone ask her to resuscitate me?
  • And the most hilarious pick-up line in our countdown: So which Disney princess are you? I’m guessing you’re probably Ariel. I don’t smell fish but I see tail!

When To Use Hilarious Pick Up Lines

If you intend to use hilarious pick up lines on women I'd like to introduce you to a neat simple trick on women that eliminates rejection and turns them on. I'll share them with you, make sure you watch the video presentation till the end...

Ask Her These 3 Questions... And You'll Get Her, Every Time!

We asked a female to write about hilarious pick up lines for guys and the following is what we got (we do not recommend you follow this girls advice and you would understand why if you watch the presentation from the link above):

Everybody needs somebody to lean on as the famous song says. This is something that applies to all people! We all need at one point in our lives somebody that will care for us. We also need somebody that we will be able to care for. You must understand that I am not talking about love that your mother will be able to give you. I am talking about the love that you can get from being in a couple with somebody! Many people are looking for such love and quite of lot of them are not so fortunate to find it. Other people can get to be with somebody really easily but maybe such a person will not fully appreciate a relationship. People who find it hard to get in a relationship with somebody will usually be more devoted to that person. In some cases, people will only want to hang out with other people. They will not really want to get in a relationship with the person they are hitting on. They may go out a couple of times but it will only be for the fun of it. Such people might try and use all sorts of interesting and funny pick up lines to get the attention of the person they like. Some of these pick up lines can be extremely funny!

When it comes to hilarious pick up lines you have to know that there are two types: good ones and bad ones. The good ones are those pick up lines that will be able to get a good laugh out of the person addressed to but it will also spark a bit of interest. A bad hilarious pick up line is one that will only make people laugh but creates no interest. Some people will find a pick up line hilarious even if it wasn’t intended to be that way. People might really laugh at a line that is too serious or that just sound dumb. So, if you want to use a pick up line then make sure that it will come natural when you will say it. If not then you might only make people laugh at you. The good hilarious pick up lines are really good if you want to break the ice with someone. You should not act really confident and use a cheesy line. You should use a funny line that will make the person laugh at but not at you! It is really important that you remember this! You can get really funny pick up lines from jokes that you might know. You should try and pick a joke that everybody is familiar with. This way you will get a really good laugh when you will use it. If you will do this without babbling then you might make a girl interested in you. You should also make sure that the joke you are using in your pick up line is a good one but not too good. If you will use a really good joke for your pick up line then you will probably make the girl who you addressed the line to laugh really hard. But she might not be interested in you thinking that you are some sort of a comedian that cannot be fully trusted. Also, you should not use a bad joke. If you will, you won’t get a hilarious pick up line just a really ‘sterile’ one. Some jokes might be hilarious to say with your friends but have nothing to do with a pick up line. They might be offensive towards women and if you will use such a line you might only get a slap on the face or a drink in the face. Who knows, maybe that woman has some sort of fighting skills and you will be the one that people think to be hilarious afterwards. Hilarious pick up lines can do the trick for you if you know how to use them. If you will only try to be funny without putting any effort into it then you will surely fail miserably at trying to use a hilarious line! But there are men who are really good at this. For some people it comes natural to say funny things and their pick up lines will surely be hilarious but tasteful too! If you are such a person then you won’t have any problems with using hilarious lines.

Pick up lines are the only ways some people know how to hit on a girl. If this is the only ace in your sleeve then why not take full advantage of it and make it hilarious. If it doesn’t work then at least you will have a nice laugh afterwards.