How To Make Her Dream About You
Without Pick Up Lines

What if you could have her begging for s*x, before she ever saw your bedroom?

I remember stealing kisses with this girl, behind her boyfriend's back.

We'd sit in the living room, with the rest of our friends, watching TV, talking...

... And every once in awhile, me or her would go out to the bathroom. The other would follow, and we'd lock lips with passion and intensity.

The rest of the night, we snuck flirty glances, sexy touches and minutes in dark places,  where our friends wouldn't catch us in the act.

And the next day, she came over to my place. We made love the whole day, stopping
just to get some water to drink and some food to eat.

That's why today's technique works. So, let's break it down to the nitty-gritty...


And the best part is, she won't even know you're doing it! You see, a woman's imagination is EXTREMELY powerful. That's why she loves  those romance novels - because she can literally see and feel them happening, in real life.

So if you can influence her mind to wonder about you and her having sex together... and you can keep the Sexual Tension high between you two...

... You'll get her so worked up, she has only two options:

1) Go home with you, that night...


2) Get herself off, while thinking about the man who turned her on...

... You.

Not bad options, right?

All you gotta do is put yourself into her imagination, and get her seeing you sexually. This is mainly a two part process:

FIRST - You gotta touch her, to build sexual tension. Use the Ladder we talked about in our last email.

And SECOND - You want to use ROLEPLAYING to get her imagining you two in a sexual situation .


You want the role play itself to be non sexual. Talk to her like you two are old lovers who just met each other for the first time.

Tell her, "It's been so long since we've been  in Paris"

"You look as beautiful today as the day I  met you"

"Can you believe it? This is the exact spot we went on our first date!"

She'll start to play along, because women love to role-play. Now, here's the 'secret sauce':

While you're role-playing with her, start to talk about sexual things you did together, but not obviously.

For instance, you'd say, "Aw baby, I'm so glad you packed our clothes for the trip"

She says: "You know I love to do things for you"

You say: "You brought that little black nightie  I like, right?" With a smile.

You see? You're getting her to imagine herself in a little black nightie. For you.

And when you keep this up - or do it now and again, during the night - she'll start to day dream about those fantasies. About you and her being old lovers.

About you and her being sexual together.

And she'll turn herself on and on and on and on, until you practically have to slide her into a cab ;-)

Just remember: You don't want to BLATANTLY talk about sex, or having sex. Women are far too "indirect" for that! Just talk about the time you  spent the week in Paris, and never left the room...

... Or how she looked so sexy on your honeymoon...

... Or that trick she does with her tongue that drives you wild.

Add this new spice to your role playing, ASAP.

You'll love the results :-)


That's a tougher question than it seems. Can you answer it? Honestly? Until a few years ago, I sure couldn't. Sure, I slept with some women... but I didn't have women  pulling me into dark corners to make out, or tearing my clothes off, the second we got alone.

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(Even I get censored, sometimes ;-)

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1) Remember - Emotions over-ride logic! Especially for women!

2) Start an "old lovers" roleplay with a woman you want...

3) Then spice it up by using sexual images,  situations and topics...

4) Finally, help her mind run wild by touching her in a way that builds sexual tension...

5) Then, enjoy the results! :-)

Still not convinced this is right, for you? Maybe you think "sexual power" is too taboo of a topic.

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