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Good Pick Up Lines For Guys

Good pick-up lines are sometimes like oases in the desert – hard to come by, and nourishing for the soul – and your potential hook-ups – when you find them. A good pick-up line can make you look like James Bond on a dangerous mission. By contrast, a bad pick-up line can make you look vague, uncertain, and creepy to even the most interested girl. That’s why it’s so important to evaluate and carefully phrase a good pick-up line before you talk about it.

Consider the following 15 pick-up lines the best you can get with “good” in a conversation with the girl of your dreams:

  • Guy: Does your back hurt? Girl: From what? Guy: From falling out of heaven?
  • If time were beauty, you’d be infinity.
  • Sorry, I got lost in your eyes. What were you saying?
  • Guy: Wow, you must be really smart. Girl: Huh? Guy: You look like you have a Ph.D. in the methodology of beauty and pheromones.
  • Guy: What’s the difference between perfect and beautiful? Girl: Huh, what? Guy: You.
  • When you created heaven, why didn’t you include me as part of it?
  • Guy: So that’s why it rains! Girl: Huh, why? Guy: The heavens cry now that you left them. Follow-up: Can I see the wings for proof?
  • So, hypothetically, I’m a guy with an enormous bank account and the ability to take you anywhere you want tonight. Would you consider going on a date with me, or is that too much information for me to offer upfront?
  • Guy: You have to tell me about the Greek pantheon. Girl: What? Guy: Well, you were there, right?
  • You deserve an art museum unto yourself, you know that, right?
  • Oh, if only I had the skill to build monuments in your honor…. I would. Wait, maybe I do. Wanna find out?
  • Guy: What would it be like if you pretended that I was Superman, or Clark Kent? Girl: What? Guy: Well, you are Wonder Woman, are you not? I figure the only way I can ask you on a date is if I pretend to have the same superpowers.
  • What would it take for me to take a beautiful girl like you on a date?
  • How beautiful was the beginning of time? You must’ve been there, because you’re as beautiful and ageless, at least from what I can see.
  • I just saw you and can tell that I’ll remember you forever.

When To Use Good Pick Up Lines

If you intend to use good pick up lines on women I'd like to introduce you to a neat simple trick on women that eliminates rejection and turns them on. I'll share them with you, make sure you watch the video presentation till the end...

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We asked a female to write about good pick up lines for guys and the following is what we got (we do not recommend you follow this girls advice and you would understand why if you watch the presentation from the link above):

Are you really fond of pick up lines? Someone needs to tell you that they no longer work. It’s really lame to try to pick up a woman by going to her and telling her a silly pick up line. However, it is thought that there are actual pick up lines that are somewhat good. Take into consideration the fact that pick up lines should not be used especially in those cases where you would actually care to start something serious with a lady. Having some inspiration about a chatting subject would be much more useful. However, if you still want to stick to the plan and use a pick up line, you firstly need to establish which pick up lines you can never use. There are hundreds or even thousands of really bad pick up lines. There are disgusting pick up lines that will push anyone away. You simply can’t try to be attractive for someone after you tell him or her some really dirty pick up line. As you probably know, nobody wants to be seen as a sexual object. Dirty pick up lines highlight just that, so avoid them for all costs. There are also pick up lines that can be too romantic. That’s right! Although women want true romance in their lives, they don’t want to hear love poems or marriage plans on a first date. So just try a little harder and if you’re still eager on trying a pick up line, find a good one.

But how exactly does a good pick up line sound? First of all, in order to tell a good pick up line, you need to have some skills. If you can’t even manage to tell a joke from the start to the end properly, you are probably very bad at telling girls pick up lines. If you would still like to try out a pick up line, never go for the corny ones. If a pick up line got famous either for how stupid it is or for how great success men had with it, there are good chances for every lady to already know it. So you will probably want to avoid becoming that ‘other guy’ who told her the same pick up line. When you want to choose a good pick up line, first of all make sure it doesn’t have any sexual connotation. Perverts are not attractive, and that is what a dirty pick up line will say about you if you tell it to someone who doesn’t know you yet. So unless your intention is to scare and disgust people, you should avoid swear words and lines involving sex. Usually, a good pick up line doesn’t really sound like a pick up line. It’s best if you simply say ‘hi’ to a woman. Nobody can refuse a ‘hi’ and nobody can stop you from telling him or her your name. This way, you are halfway to knowing her name without the slightest effort. Of course that if she has manners, she will say ‘hi’ back and tell you her name. If you’re in a club or a pub, you can try starting a conversation about whether she likes the place or not, the music or anything else is not very demanding for a first chat. If she doesn’t look chatty at all, just continue being nice, telling her that it was nice meeting her and that you hope to chat again some other time. Then don’t keep staring at her, but either go home and hope to meet her again or you go back to your group of friends and say goodbye when you go. Now you will have the opportunity of talking to her next time you meet her again in that club, sine you are practically acquaintances. You may not realize this, but this ‘hi’ ‘ line can’t fail like other pick up lines do. Nobody will spill a drink on your jeans because you said ‘hi’ to them and nobody would think you are a freak by doing so. You will just appear like a pleasant friendly person who is interested in whoever you started talking to. A woman will always feel safer to chat with a man who looks like he could be more than a friend, but still not that desperate so that he would freak out learning that she only wants to be friends. A man who is secure enough will always be more reasonable and he will take a rejection very well. The most important thing when you are being rejected is to continue to be polite and then retreat. In some cases, doing so makes women change their minds and ask the man to stay.

So good pick up lines are actually just the normal ways of becoming acquainted with someone. This way you will look interested in a non-offensive manner, managing to make a good impression even if you are going to be very nervous. Further on, it is just up to the woman or the man’s tastes; so if you will still get a rejection after being nice, you shouldn’t think that your ‘hello’ is to blame. After all, you would probably reject someone too if he or she isn’t be your type.