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Math Pick Up Lines For Guys

That’s right, we went and did it. Pickuplines4guys.com offers in graphic detail all of our most nerdy pick-up lines for the lonely mathematician, astronomer, and investment banker. (Well, we all know the investment banker isn’t that lonely, but, hell, he’s worth a mention, too.) If you’re good at math but bad at pick-up lines, take a gander at the ones we offer you below.

Consider the following 10 best math-related pick-up lines your guide to survival in a conversation with a woman who knows next to nothing about variables and equations:

  • The rules and conditions of the Pythagorean Theorem dictate that we must have sex. Follow-up: Or that we must kiss. I forget which.
  • You plus me equals AWESOME.
  • Baby, I’d calculate the ratio of your assets any day. You just have to let me know where we can break even together. Of course, I’ll play the role of a venture capitalist and completely invest in this measure.
  • If I had a Ph.D. in mathematics, I’d write my thesis about how your existence defies several universal laws and principles. I’d probably spend my entire career on it, too, if you let me.
  • If you allowed me to take you on a date, I’d show you the constellation that most resembles you. I think it’s that one really hot constellation all the ancient Greeks worshipped.
  • If I existed on a plane parallel to your universe, I’d call your side of the universe paradise and ask if we could move in together.
  • If your beauty were measured like pi, we would finally have a whole number that reflects the radius of the most gorgeous object on earth.
  • Now that I’ve seen you, I’ve actually forgotten how to add two numbers, or what two plus two equals. You know why that proves how good-looking you are? I actually majored in math in college and run the numbers for an investment firm downtown.
  • Yeah, if the Catholic Church had offered Copernicus a life with you instead of one of torture, I think he’d have recanted his whole theory and called you the center of the universe instead.
  • And the best math pick-up line in our countdown: If you and I were represented in a graph, my bar lines would break the entire graph because of you.

When To Use Math Pick Up Lines

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We asked a female to write about math pick up lines for guys and the following is what we got (we do not recommend you follow this girls advice and you would understand why if you watch the presentation from the link above):

People always like to have company! Even if you are a loner I bet that you communicate with other people through some means like the Internet or the telephone. It is a basic need for us to communicate with other people. You see, even though you will claim that you do not like the presence of others, you still need to talk to them otherwise you might go insane! It is a proven fact that people who are deprived of any kind of communication with other human beings can go mad! It didn’t happen just once that a person who didn’t have the chance to talk to another person went completely crazy because of it. But in some cases, people not only need somebody to talk to, but they also need somebody who will feel something for them. Love is something that all of us need and we all feel it sooner or later. Even if love is a universal feeling, some of us might find it hard to get! Some people simply cannot get dates and they will try all sorts of weird and sometimes ingenious ways to get one! Most men who want to get a date will use pick up lines. These pick up lines can be inspired from all sorts of things such as movies, songs, books and in some cases even math! One can only wonder how can math help a man get a woman but in fact it is really simple! It might be even simpler that 2+2!

When it comes to math pick up lines, you should know that there is a word that makes the whole line! This word is ‘plus’. ‘Plus’ is a word that is used in the ‘mathematical equation’ of ‘you plus me’. Most men who want to hit on girls by using a math pick up line will only use simple ones. But the guys who have put a lot of effort in creating the best math pick up line will seem to be in a calculus class rather than hitting on a girl. These guys might not have such a big chance at winning a girl by using a math pick up line. However, if they will manage to impress the girl then they will surely be able to get a date by using mathematical pick up lines. ‘Plus’ is not the only word that is used in the math pick up lines. The word ‘minus’ can also be used. For example, if a guy wants to go as far as to let a woman know that he wants to sleep with her, he will use the ‘plus’ word to say that the two of them should be together minus their clothes. Women don’t usually appreciate such pick up lines but there are fun seeking women that might be interested by such lines! ‘Minus’ can also be used to ‘subtract’ other things than just clothes. Some men might use ‘minus’ in their pick up lines to let the women know that they want to go out only with them without their friends. If a woman will be interested she will surely go with the man but if she will be offended then she might use a line of her own telling the man that he is the only one with the minus there. People who usually use math pick up lines might only do it for fun. Others might do it to impress. But there are men who really know a great amount of mathematics. These men will be able to use all sorts of theorems and calculation in their lines. It might sound a little too geeky but they might really impress a woman with such a line. Of course, they will impress as long as they do not wear thick-rimmed glasses and bracers. Men who know mathematics and also have the looks will surely be able to impress women with math derived pick up lines. The looks of the person using such a line and the way the pick up line is said can change an otherwise lame pick up line into a really cool one! So, if you have at least some basic knowledge about mathematics then you should definitely concoct a pick up line that will leave women baffled.

Some people think that mathematics is hard. Well, if you will want to use some math derived information in a pick up line then you won’t have to know a lot of math. You will just have to know some basic things that you can alter to add it to your super cool math pick up lines! If you will use such a pick up line on a woman that knows some math herself then you will surely make a good couple or at least you will be able to have fun for a few nights!