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Lame Pick Up Lines For Guys

For all the powers of persuasion intrinsic to man, the pick-up line is supreme in his arsenal with women. A pick-up line inspires interest, arouses mutual passion, and creates opportunities for affection.

By the same token, a pick-up line can fall as flat as that time you tried playing a note on that recorder in music class. That’s why it’s so important to get it right before it comes out of your mouth – or risk an eye-roll that deflates your slam dunk. You can’t retract something that sounds great in your head but flattens upon impact.

Consider the following 15 lamest pick-up lines the pick-up lines to avoid – or maybe modify – in your quest for a woman:

  • Where are your wings? I could’ve sworn you were an angel.
  • I remember studying your picture in my Greek history book. I remember the editor featuring you as Aphrodite.
  • Sorry, I got lost in your eyes. What were you saying?
  • What is it like to be so pretty? You must shame the cover of Maxim.
  • Guy: Surely it hurt your back? Girl: What? Guy: To fall so far from heaven?
  • You must be the embodiment of Buddha, Katy Perry, and Aphrodite… you’re just that wise, beautiful, and divine.
  • You look like one of the elves I met on World of Warcraft. Wait, too much?
  • You remind me of one of the Olsen twins… No, the thin one, not the fat one.
  • Guy: You must be a Keebler elf. Girl: What? Guy: Well, you’re not sharing the secret to your beauty with anyone, are you? Keebler elves don’t share their recipes, either.
  • You mean you’re not from heaven? So what’s behind all those angelic voices that called me over here?
  • So what’s it like being the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet? You have to tell me.
  • How many boyfriends have you had? You must receive pick-up lines from 100 guys a week. What kind of chance do I stand?
  • Guy: So do you know any Pokemon jokes? Girl: No. Guy: I do. Doesn’t Pikachu sound like a gay Jamaican guy trying to flash you? No?
  • What would it take for me to get you on a date? A big bank account? Suit? House? Car?
  • What’s it like, being a goddess?

When To Use Lame Pick Up Lines

If you intend to use lame pick up lines on women I'd like to introduce you to a neat simple trick on women that eliminates rejection and turns them on. I'll share them with you, make sure you watch the video presentation till the end...

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We asked a female to write about lame pick up lines for guys and the following is what we got (we do not recommend you follow this girls advice and you would understand why if you watch the presentation from the link above):

Pick up lines are lame. However, there are pick up lines that are worse than others. We probably all saw those romantic movies where the man managed to catch a pretty woman’s attention with a really original pick up line. They probably laughed, then had great conversation, eventually ending hopelessly in love with each other. You need to make a difference between an actor who knows how to make things funny and entertaining for a woman who has to laugh and fall in love with him and real life. Unless you found a genius pick up line somewhere, you should better look for something else to make women like you. If you don’t mind looking like a fool and having people laugh at you for trying a line on someone really nice, then feel free to continue trying out pick up lines. However, you will most likely find lame pick up lines. Using such lines will probably make the lady believe that you’re some loser who doesn’t know anything but those lines. Unless you’re really smooth and you know how to get out of the difficult situation and make her laugh or just giggle a little, don’t try lame pick up lines. They really are lame! It’s natural that you won’t have success with a pick up line that would make even a child raise his or her eyebrow, saying that it’s stupid.

But how can you detect lame pick up lines from all the good pick up lines? To tell you the truth, there aren’t many good lines, so you can simply consider most of them lame. However, there are very weird lines that really are much worse than all the others. Many people say that lame pick up lines are really similar to what grandpas would say if they started hitting on women. Among the best known lame pick up lines there are the James Bond lines. Everybody knows them, many people laughed because of them, they were very popular but now they have come to an end. It is lame to use James Bond pick up lines. But it is just as lame to use any other famous actor, singer or character in a line. No woman wants to hear that she has Beyonce is buttocks or Christina Aguilera’s breasts, even if those singers do look really good. Being compared is unpleasant, both for men and women. Then of course women don’t like being called angels or fairies either, so try to get those lines out of your routine if you have them, because they are lame. Usually, you can detect a lame line by noticing that it just sounds exaggerated. You can’t just go to a woman and tell her that she’s an alien, claiming that she abducted your heart. She will laugh in your face and then leave you there. Also, words such as McGorgeous and Beautylicious will rather get a girl thinking you would like to have her for dinner than to go out with her. All these cheesy lines are not going to bring you the wanted results. It would be quite awkward to ask for ice, telling a girl that she’s too hot to be around. You need to find the limit between a funny pick up line and the type of line that is simply inappropriate. You will look like a silly boy trying to get to the nice looking lady; that is what a woman will see in a man who tries such immature things to get her attention. Believe it or not, there really are actual pick up lines that have farts and buggers in them. If you are to avoid really bad jokes, these are the ones that you have to avoid for all costs. You will not only be disgusting, but you might even get girls sick, which is something that you should avoid doing in the first place. Don’t be disgusting because no normal woman will even laugh at these pick up lines.

It’s no secret that pick up lines are always quite lame. You will not look cool if you come with all sorts of lame pick up lines. You will simply look superficial and unable to find something good to say. All women want men that know what they want, but who also have manners and who are secure. Pick up lines just don’t express that. It’s better for you to set your lame pick up lines notebook on fire and just start building up character. Be secure by believing in yourself and start being cool by showing your true personality. You would be surprised to notice that you will be much more attractive if you will stop fearing that you will fail and just act normal and control your emotions.