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Normally I never include letters from women, they go straight to the "delete" pile because I figure that women usually can't relate to what men go through.

However, I've decided to change my policy due to recent events. I recently got a letter from a woman who clearly has her act together, and who finds t damn hard to meet a man who is as strong as she is and who won't take her b.s. either.

Sometimes women unconsciously test a man to see how STRONG he is about his own self-esteem, his own values.  This usually happens in the beginning of the "courtship".  When a woman sees that you ARE strong in your values, and that you won't give your balls over to a woman on a silver platter just to get in bed with her, you gain NEW FOUND respect and attraction from a woman that she almost NEVER finds in a man.

And the better the woman, the MORE this is true, because she intimidates men by the very fact she IS both intelligent and beautiful and she is not interested in sleeping with every guy, for her self-esteem is far too strong for that.

Here's the letter:


Dear Michael,

I am a woman in my late 20's.  For year's I was told I was the most difficult person 'to obtain' by guys in college etc.

My problem was I was raised by a corporate litigator who told me to use my logic above all else (think of the father in Clueless).

Combine that with the fact that tons of guys hit on me.  I was getting exhausted from 'using my logic' on guys.

(My sophomore year of high school I told my dad that I thought the guys were getting a little crazy and that most other dads stepped in for their daughters.  My dad said, "What, you can't think?  Please, what do they have that you can not handle?")

As a result, I decided to handle the guys myself, and I thought they were idiots.  I was nice, smart, attractive, independent - and busy, so why couldn't they just make me like them?

My confusion actually broke down some of my confidence for a while because I could not figure out the problem.  I ended up finding the answer myself, and then I sent it to the next guy who asked me to dinner.

He never called me again.  Too direct?  For now, the guy I am going on
dates with is handling me well, but I have not told him.

For now, I have just learned to slow my 'testing' down a little bit, since I used to toss this stuff a million-miles an hour - by accident.  (I mistook my internal logic for external reality, i.e. I thought he could see what I was doing because he thought this way too.  Nope, it's just me.)

How the heck did you figure this out?  I can see a lot of ways this is important socially.

I am even meeting with some people at a women's center this Friday.  I mean, the
transformation that is possible for women who know this is huge as well.

Not all my friends are up for the news, though.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. The reason why I worked so hard to find your work was because I grew up in a very competitive setting and went to an even more competitive college.

The men and women in these places are attacking each other like it's World War III, and then they go off to Wall Street or Capitol Hill without first figuring out how to get what they need.

It scares me to death.  I have seen too much.

I want gender-relations to work.  We need more good people getting as far ahead as they can. (I know some women who are beautiful doctors.  This is all they want.
They do not need some twisted power to get ahead.  They used their own brains to succeed and happened to be beautiful and fun.)

I am literally driving to meet with one of these friends. She has been racking her brain - getting so close to this answer."


I figured I'd have some mercy on you and let you have a real man's answer since it's so damn hard to find one in the world today.

Wow, are guys still asking women to dinner? I would NEVER do this for you until I knew you were worth it.

I'm with a great woman right now, but when we met, I made sure to TALK to her first, to see if she was the kind of woman I wanted to even get to know at all more.

You should meet my students, they'd never buy you dinner...

Anyway, regarding how did I learn this stuff, it all boils down to learning everything the hard way, and to realizing that the biggest thing I was looking for all those years was not a woman, but....

(get ready for the secret)
I was looking for MYSELF.

Once I found that, I had a MASSIVE epiphany that unleashed the power of at least a trillion atomic bombs inside my brain.

Anyway, the good news for you is that your clarity on principles and your self-esteem drives AWAY all the men who won't stand up to your "tests" and who are only prepared to kiss up to you out of your looks.

Men who have no values greater than the temporary need to satisfy their other head. This is pure weakness.

Nothing is sacred, nothing is spiritual to them. They aren't prepared to FIGHT for the good values they believe in.

It's time that good men started CHAMPIONING their self-esteem and the values that make life something more than just the mundane.

But since most men aren't like that, they worship beauty and they are simply too intimidated by you.  Your dad did a great thing though, he made you that rare woman who is strong inside even when beautiful on the outside.

It may be rare, but the man who DOES stand up for his own self-esteem is clearly the rare man you have been looking for.

Of course, you should send me pics so I can see for sure that you're not really some hairy dude looking for guys on the net...

Maybe I can find you one of the men who's been through my programs...

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