How To Tap Into Infinite Power

One of the most misunderstood FORCES in the world is the force and power of your mind.

The closest analogy to it is weight-lifting, because you have no clue how physically strong you can be until you actually start to push yourself, CONSISTENTLY over time.

However, the details of how the MIND works is still not the exact same thing as the body.

You see, unlike your body, which may have some limits, your mind can in reality do things that right now probably REALLY seem impossible and almost absurd if I were to tell you.

Your mind's power really IS 'infinite'. Yet 99% of people refuse to BELIEVE this.

And this is actually the whole problem in the first place, because as soon as you believe that it's so impossible, you will never actually go about DOING the specific CHANGES in your actions in daily life that are required for getting the results you want.

Specifically, I'm talking about changing the BELIEFS you have regarding your potential to accomplish what you want.

If you fear that what you want is not possible, then you will feel that going for that goal will cause you SUFFERING.

So of course, you will then never change your course of action. So you keep on getting the sucky results.

Changing even just one action in your daily routine can seem very difficult-- but now imagine changing your DEEP ROOTED beliefs about your potential, about what you can achieve.

That can seem even harder.

And let me make it clear, that this is not just about doing something in your mind that makes you feel as IF you have actually done some change-- the only real PROOF that you have really changed something in your mind is if you actually start taking
different ACTIONS, and doing this CONSISTENTLY.

But if you just REALIZED that it's all a major, major ILLUSION, you would
IMMEDIATELY stop your current course of action.

Fear truly is the biggest enemy of all. It distorts your perception of everything, including your potential- not just your potential with women, but potential with EVERYTHING.

Fear knows where to strike-the EMOTIONS. Once you FEEL this feeling, it doesn't even matter if all the facts in the world pointed to your virtually GUARANTEED success, the EMOTION of fear would STILL make you think everything has a very low chance of success.  You would distort everything so that it all seems horrible.
And yet, if you just started taking some ACTION that defies your fears, no matter how SMALL that action is, and if you just REGULARLY upped the ante as they say- meaning that you stepped up the actions that defied your fears, and you did this REGULARLY then guess what????

This is the part that's like weightlifting, the GRADUAL progression of "resistance" or rather in this case RESISTING the temptation to act on your fears.

Once you start to resist the fear, even a little bit, you start to SEE things differently, you start to see the ACCURATE truth about your potential, you start to see how much MORE you could be and do.

You would start to realize what a total HOGWASH your fears were ALL ALONG.

Do you want to go your whole LIFE and then find out at the end that you were  actually being under the influence of the worst drug of all, a drug named FEAR??????????????????????

None of us are on this planet forever.  So it's time that you started taking action against your fears TODAY.

Promise yourself that today you WILL take action, no matter how small, and that you will CONTINUE to take action every day.  You can start with tiny baby steps, just KEEP on taking those steps.

Maybe it's learning to say "hi" to a woman.  Maybe it's learning to reframe a statement that a woman made to you and realize that she might have meant a compliment or even if she didn't that ANOTHER woman is waiting in the wings who will appreciate you, but if you don't take ACTION it won't happen and the weight of your fears will hold you back further and further keeping you a prisoner to a bunch of HOGWASH illusions that feel so real.

And remember that for EVERY action you take, there IS a benefit. Each time that you DON'T give into a fear, you actually slightly WEAKEN that fear.

Each time you DO give into a fear, you STRENGTHEN that fear.

I'm not telling you to do anything MASSIVE or reckless overnight.  Use your head, but DON'T use "fear logic"- logic that is based on the distorted perceptions that fear breeds.     

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