When NOT To Listen To 'Gut Instincts'

If the billions of men that have walked this earth before us could speak of their greatest lessons they learned in their lives when it came to getting and keeping a quality woman, it would surely be this:

Sorting out which "gut instincts" are USEFUL and which ones are HARMFUL.

So for example, have you ever felt a GUT INSTINCT to NOT approach a woman?

As if at the moment of taking action, it just seemed like "no way, it couldn't work" or "mannn, this does NOT feel good so I WON'T do it".

Or how about being on date with a woman, and things are going well, and then you feel this sudden urge to say something, and after you say it, you just KNOW it was the wrong thing to say? Or you escalated too hard, too fast, to get physical, and it just backfired and she felt you were needy or just not cool?

Why is it that so often, what seemed like a gut instinct and what seemed like it was so strong of a feeling, afterwards feels like it was clearly a mistake?

The reason for this is because until you get really GOOD at this stuff, you simply SHOULD NOT trust your "gut instincts". This is because often, those are NOT gut instincts, rather they are often just emotional responses that are the result of years and years of bad "brainwashing" by all kinds of forces in your environment from your friends and family to your books and movies and radio.

(they are not doing this on purpose, they are simply feeding you what they think themselves)

So the key is to learn WHICH emotions you should TRUST and WHEN.

The reality is that most of us have a "chatterbox" inside our minds going on a lot of the time.

It says all kinds of things, like "she's hot, you're not good enough for her" or it says "man, what were you THINKING? This is CRAZY?" or it says "just wait till tomorrow, tomorrow is a better day for meeting a woman, but not today" etc etc etc.

The mistake we make is that we think this chatterbox IS actually US, but it's NOT.

We make the mistake of taking whatever the CURRENT message is, and thinking that IT is the REAL truth, and that the message is coming from US, since after all, WE are the ones feeling it.

But it's NOT true.

When you get that negative voice, or that negative feeling, it's just THAT- a voice- one of MANY voices that you can feel, and that YOU can determine to HAVE or
NOT to have.

I want to give you a strategy for CONQUERING this stuff and becoming far more empowered with women.

From now on, any time you want to take action, and then suddenly the CHATTERBOX kicks in, giving you ANY message that is trying to STOP you from taking action, what I want you to do is this:

Say to that voice "thank you for sharing that opinion with me."

In fact, you should even give that particular voice a NAME.

So let's say you are about to approach a woman you are interested in finding out more about, and suddenly an internal voice kicks in, saying "no no no, what if this FAILS????" "What if you look like an IDIOT???" or "She's FOR SURE going to be a B***CH" etc etc.

What you should do is give this voice a NAME. Call it "Voice that thinks it's saving me." And then say "THANKS for SHARING your OPINION".

And if you like, you can even go so far as to tell yourself again exactly what opinion that voice has. But the key here is to make sure that you DO acknowledge the voice, and that you do NOT repress that voice, and that you ALSO after allowing that voice to be totally heard, then say "And now I'm STILL going to go right up and talk to that woman!"

The key is that you are REALIZING that it's JUST a VOICE, it's just an OPINION, it's NOT the ONLY choice you have- you DO have a choice to APPROACH that woman anyway.

Similarly, if you are with a woman and you can see the date is going well, and you want to kiss her, and then that VOICE kicks in, telling you NOT to do it, well the fact is if that date is going well you SHOULD do it, and you should name that voice, i.e. "Voice That Thinks Kissing Her Is Going To Ruin The Whole Thing" and then say THANKS FOR SHARING that opinion, and thanks for trying to help me, and NOW I'M GOING TO KISS HER ANYWAY!!!!

Do not repress these voices, LET them be heard, say thanks even to them for trying to share with you their advice, and then DO THE REAL ACTION THAT DEEPER DOWN YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD DO, i.e. approach her, kiss her, etc.

What you have to also realize is that emotions are NOT reality, even though FEEL like they are TRUER than facts. The reality is that emotions are simply INTERPRETATIONS of facts, and the problem is that they give you interpretations that are so often WRONG.

And we tend to NEVER questions our emotions. If we feel desire for a woman, we often think she is WORTHY of love. And she might NOT be worthy. If we feel FEAR, of escalating, of ridicule, we often think that the thing is WORTH fearing, when often it is NOT.

Remember, emotions are NOT accurate indications of reality at ALL. And in fact, they can TOTALLY change overnight.

Have you ever experienced an emotion about something, and then a while later, you felt totally different about it? Maybe it was a food, a person, or a song. It doesn't matter what it is, the bottom line is that emotions change, and yet people tend to take any and all emotions and treat them as sacred UNCHANGEABLE facts.

And I can tell you this, if you are feeling emotions that are NOT empowering, that are TAKING energy and confidence and charisma and life and fun AWAY from you, then THOSE emotions are ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT interpretations of reality-- unless you believe that you were put on earth to suffer. But if you believe that life should NOT be about suffering, then I'm telling that there is no logical reason on earth to trust those negative emotions as being accurate indicators at all. People tend to think that negative emotions are a sign of a negative reality, but it's actually the other way around - negative emotions WARP your thinking and make you see the very WORST possibility, so of course this triggers you to go full throttle on AVOIDANCE type behaviors- you will AVOID any situation where you can potentially pick up a woman, you will AVOID escalating the interaction to anything meaningful.

Negative emotions create tons and tons of INCORRECT messages in your mind about women, and about your own ability to get a woman that you want.

These emotions create BAD DATA. Think of it like a corrupted file on your computer that can screw up the functioning of so many of the programs on your computer.

Negative emotions corrupt the GOOD files in your brain, and feed BAD instructions to you when the moment of action comes.

So, to CONQUER this problem, to OVERCOME those emotions, don't try to repress them. And don't feed into ego of saying that you are so great either—that creates a very thin foundation for respect and trust, and you will need respect and trust to build anything.

Instead, just ALLOW the negative voice to express it's OPINION, and you should name that voice, and then just say "thanks for sharing", and then go ahead and DO THE ACTION you need to do. By allowing the voice to be heard, it actually WEAKENS because it's no longer something you are SCARED of.

By letting it say it's opinion, you are sending the message to your mind that you are NOT so afraid of that voice. When you keep on trying to block it out, it's similar to not looking at the screen at a monster movie when you are a kid, and then the MONSTER comes out, and then your imagination keeps on WONDERING what the monster looks like, but if you just let it be seen, it's NEVER as scary as blocking it out and you keep on FEARING it.

By the way, that's why the scariest movies do NOT show you the thing to be feared, for example in the original Jaws, you barely EVER see the actual shark, you just see the fins on the surface of the water now and then. Actually confronting it again and again DESTROYS it from having power.

Emotions are just a SENSATION, and they are often an ARBITRARY interpretation of data, and actually negative emotions are often the WORST and most INCORRECT interpretation of facts.

It's MASSIVELY ATTRACTIVE to be the kind of guy who understands this, because women themselves often realize that they themselves get lost in the wrong emotions. And they want a man who will prevent her emotions from leading to chaos - and that's whey HE must be THE MAN, in the sense of being STABLE and if any type of emotion, then he should be of the EMPOWERING emotions.

Again, this is why it's not about kissing up to women, and it's not about being a jerk, as both of those things are a guy following the NEGATIVE VOICES -- i.e. kissing up comes from hearing a voice that says "she'll dump you if you don't do this" and "you're not good enough for her" and being a jerk comes from the negative voice "if you don't boss her around she'll take you for granted and lose attraction and respect for you".

Rather, it's all about being a man in the GREATEST sense: the sense of emotional INTELLIGENCE.

One more tip- it's even fine for you to get ANGRY at the VOICES, the chatter that keeps on telling you the negative crap - this helps you realize it's NOT YOU, and that these voices are not HELPING you. So often, we think we ARE our emotions, but we are NOT.

Only once this is truly something you feel on an instinctive level, only then can you follow your "gut-instincts" because then you will know the difference between gut instincts and DESTRUCTIVE information.

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