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Cheesy Pick Up Lines For Guys

Chances are that you’ve tried using the time-tested cheese method in meeting women. Who hasn’t? We all know we’ve spilt some ridiculous cheese when a woman rolls her eyes or scoffs at the joke. And that’s why they work – and also why they don’t. A cheesy pick-up line is an immediate conversation-starter, if only because it generates a strong reaction from the woman in question. A much stronger follow-up – coupled, of course, with a great personality and a gift for male fashion – helps carry the initial interest to fruition and signal a more serious tone.

Consider the following 15 cheesiest pick-up lines your guide to a woman’s immediate notice – without which you’re sure to miss a good night:

  • So what was it like, falling out of heaven? You don’t seem bruised at all.
  • You’re kidding me – it’s that easy to be good-looking?
  • My, those are some nice genes! Where’d you get them, from your grandmother? (Notice: You may have to explain the pun if you’re talking to a bombshell.)
  • If my dad had told me that it was this easy to meet a great-looking girl, I’d have come here a long time ago!
  • The best thing about being me is that I’m used to the attention, so don’t worry – you don’t need to indulge me too much.
  • My, you’re a bright lady! Which family of stars are you from?
  • If you were a Taser, the entire room would be stunned.
  • Am I dying? You have to know – you’re an angel, right?
  • Great to meet you! My name is (your name) and you must be… beautiful!
  • Well, I’m here. What other wishes did you make to your genie?
  • If splendor were time, you’d be infinity.
  • If you were a library book, I’d check you out. Follow-up: I’d probably pay lots of fines, because I wouldn’t return you! Second follow-up: I’m thinking your title would be, “A Biography of the World’s Most Attractive Woman.”
  • Well, the service isn’t great, but the view here is wonderful!
  • Baby, I’m a little worried about your eyes. You’re making me drown in them.
  • And the cheesiest pick-up line for our countdown: I didn’t know Heidi Klum visited this bar! Holy crap! Wait, you’re not Heidi Klum? It was easy to mistake you for her.

When To Use Cheesy Pick Up Lines

If you intend to use cheesy pick up lines on women I'd like to introduce you to a neat simple trick on women that eliminates rejection and turns them on. I'll share them with you in the following video presentation...

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We asked a female to write about cheesy pick up lines for guys and the following is what we got (we do not recommend you follow this girls advice and you would understand why if you watch the presentation from the link above):

There is one requirement that binds us all as human beings: the need to be in the presence of other human beings! We have been created to be social creatures and that’s why we always need to be among our brethren. In some cases, people who have not been around other people have gone crazy and even committed suicide because of the loneliness in which they lived. Even if we were to be cut off from humanity we can still survive if we have somebody or someone to care for us and to help us make bonds with other people. An example of such a thing is the boy who was found in the wilderness living among wolves in France! This boy only survived because he had the wolves to care for him and to give him a certain feedback. If a human being is cut off from any kind of feedback from another person, that human being can die! So, this is why we need somebody to have next to us. We need to have a person who will love us but who we can also love back! This is why people want to find a date that might later on become their spouse! But in some cases, people can use some really cheesy pick up lines to get the attention of another person. Here are just a few examples why some pick up lines can be really cheesy.

First of all, a pick up line can be really cheesy if the person who uses underestimates the intelligence of the other person. Men usually do this with women. They will use all sorts of weird pick up lines in order for them to invite the woman to join them to a dance or even to go home with them - Such men usually only look for a one-night girlfriend that will be able to make all their ‘dreams’ come true. Asking a woman to a dance should be done in a different manner than to just tell her that she is a ‘babe’ and that she needs to hold her arms around your neck than on pots. Yes, some men will actually use such an insulting pick up line on women. The funny thing is that some women actually like such pick up lines. Even if they are really cheesy, some women are attracted to men who make them feel inferior by using such pick up lines. Cheesy pick up lines don’t necessarily need to be sexist. They can also be really dumb! Some pick up lines can actually be nice but if the person addressing them is really nervous and trying to hard to impress then even a simple ‘would you like to dance’ can turn into a complete disaster. If the person using such a pick up line tries to say it while looking really macho and full of him then the pick up line will surely end up being a bad one. Also, if the man addressing the pick up line does not have the necessary flow in saying it then it will end up sounding like a command given to a laborer or something similar. Cheesy pick up lines can really put an end to all hope for a man to get a woman. Some of these pick up lines are usually used by men who think really highly of themselves. They will think that anything they say will impress a woman when in fact all they do is repel them. Even really nice men can use cheesy pick up lines. They might use them in a night when they had a few drinks and they will feel really confident of what they say. Even if they don’t really mean it, they might throw out a really offensive and cheesy pick up line at probably a really nice girl with which they might have gotten a chance if they didn’t use such a pick up line. Besides being offensive, you might run across some really funny yet cheesy pick up lines. In such a case you can just sit and wonder how a man could think of such a weird thing to say to a woman hoping that she will accept to go with him out.

In any case, you should know that even the nice pick up lines could be cheesy if they are not said in the right way. You will simply look dumb by using such pick up lines and you might not even get a date. Gossip can spread like wildfire and other women can hear about your weird way to hit on them and they will refuse you even if you will decide to use a nice pick up line.