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Stupid Pick Up Lines For Guys

Pick-up lines are like ammunition – you need the right gun to fire the ammunition, or you’re just wasting your time with the wrong bullets. Similarly, if you lack the mindset or have the wrong impression of a girl, you’ll waste what you have in your bank account on the wrong ammunition.

Guys who settle for “dur-hur” humor are those we count among guys with the stupidest pick-up lines. They’re the ones who walk into a bar, pick a random girl whom they find attractive, and throw whatever they have in their arsenal at her – without considering the girl, her interests, or the motives at stake.

Consider the following 15 stupidest pick-up lines the pick-up lines to avoid like the Bubonic Plague:

  • Guy: Does your back hurt? Girl: From what? Guy: From falling out of heaven?
  • Guy: You have to tell me about the Greek pantheon. Girl: What? Guy: Well, you were there, right?
  • Sorry, I got lost in your eyes. What were you saying?
  • With that kind of beauty, your existence must be so difficult… Right?
  • My friend told me to come over here and ask for your number. He said you and I would make a great couple. It’s not a problem if my friend and I are the same person, is it?
  • Surely, when the sky rains, it cries over the number of men’s hearts you’ve broken. Am I far off the mark? Follow-up: Will you make me the exception?
  • I think we knew each other in our past lives. You were a princess, and I was a farmboy… Rebuttal: No, I’ve never seen The Princess Bride.
  • Guy: Are you blind? Girl: Excuse me? Guy: I would be, if I were you and I had to look at such a perfect face every morning. It’s like looking at the sun, for God’s sake!
  • You mean you’re not from heaven? So what’s behind all those angelic voices that called me over here?
  • You’re the epitome of the Pythagorean Theorem. You mean you’re not an equation? But you’re like the most perfect equation.

When To Use Stupid Pick Up Lines

If you intend to use stupid pick up lines on women I'd like to introduce you to a neat simple trick on women that eliminates rejection and turns them on. I'll share them with you, make sure you watch the video presentation till the end...

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We asked a female to write about stupid pick up lines for guys and the following is what we got (we do not recommend you follow this girls advice and you would understand why if you watch the presentation from the link above):

It’s always nice to go out for a drink with a couple of friends. Whether you prefer going to a restaurant to eat something good or maybe in a pub, just for a chat, you might want something more if you are also single. Many people whether they are men or women wish to find someone interesting when they’re going out in the evening. Because of this, many of the beautiful women you spot in various pubs or clubs, will look for the same thing as you. Even so, approaching a pretty lady is no easy task. Most men tend to be intimidated by women who simply look gorgeous. Unfortunately, being nervous usually makes guys act stupid; that is why so many of them are still depending on various pick up lines. Of course there are some pick up lines that could probably help a guy start a conversation with a woman. However, there is a huge amount of people who just can’t make a difference between good and simply stupid lines. You will be able to shoo away even a woman who found you interesting, as long as you don’t put away your silly pick up lines.

Let’s just imagine the most stupid pick up lines someone could come up with. Since they are called pick up lines, they should be useful in making a person of opposite sex interested in the one telling the lines. However, not many pick up lines manage to do this. Actually, if you analyze pick up lines a little, you will notice that most of them are more useful for making people reject you rather than want you around. These are the lines you should never use unless you like the feeling of being rejected. But which are those stupid pick up lines exactly? The most awful pick up lines are gross ones. I can’t even imagine why someone would make pick up lines involving sweat or even farts. However, they exist. Most fart pick up lines are describing the man’s farting process and the fact that he wishes to stay with the lady until the smell goes away from his seat. This can’t possibly be funny and most certainly not attractive. Also, telling the woman she makes you sweat like a pig because she is really hot will not even get you a chuckle from her. Instead, she will either ask you to leave her alone or she will leave you. A person who is trying really hard to tell stupid pick up lines will also mention destiny’s power. Who on earth would think that destiny made them meet someone in a bar, without even knowing yet whether they are special or not? It is also quite weird to tell someone that you most certainly were together in another life, since he or she seems to be so familiar to you. It is not attractive. Although it might seem a little weird, you can also look stupid if you are trying too hard to look smart. All of those nerdy pick up lines will not get any chemistry between you and the person you want to pick up, mostly because mathematics is not a hot subject. Also, using biology terms in pick up lines will just make you look desperate to say sophisticated words. Dirty pick up lines are okay, as long as the ones hearing them are your friends or your girlfriend or boyfriend. This way, everyone knows that everything is just a joke. However, some people actually try those pick up lines to get someone in bed. Too bad that dirty pick up lines don’t get the best reactions. Actually, you will probably get in trouble if you tell a girl a pick up line, because she will get really angry. This is why these lines are really stupid. Also, whether you have chances of finding your soul mate in a pub or not, you shouldn’t try to pick up girls or guys with ‘soul mate’ pick up lines. They are very inappropriate to use with complete strangers.

Find your own style of picking up women or men you like without using embarrassing lines. Plan some possible conversation subjects before going up to the person you want to talk to and then just go and present yourself. You don’t need to be shy. Remember that regardless of being very good looking or average, we are all people. Also, if you fail in getting the wanted attention, you will simply learn what you have to do next time. You can’t lose since you’re simply trying to know someone who might even not be as great as you thought. Therefore, if you’re being refused, don’t be disappointed. There’s always a ‘next time’ with someone else.